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Day 1b - Things To Do in Mysore - Mounted Police/Mysore Palace/Government House/Masjid-e-Azam/St Philomena's Church

This wasn’t part of our plan but as usual, if I see any weird or interesting building I will shriek and Mr. Tuk-tuk driver will stop, this happens in every country I visited. I am beginning to think all the tuk-tuk drivers have notified each other of this lunatic girl (read : me/Lily) arriving in their town. Hahahaa…. 

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What actually sparks my interest was the big statue outside and the signage saying Commandant Mounted Company Mysore. My first thought was ‘mounted’? Then the tuk-tuk driver said ’mounted as in horse but we can’t go in’, my second thought ‘joykiller’! Anyway, he stopped so that I can take a picture, sweet I thought. The mounted police previously served the royal family of Mysore from 1952 and said to be one of the few cities that still mobilizes mounted police. You can also see a special group that takes part in (i) Riding Dress for Mounted parades, (ii) Khaki Tunic Dress for Guard Duties and (iii) Full Dress and Summer Dress for ceremonial Parades and Escorts.

Just my luck, the palace was closed during our trip as the king just passed away.

Amba Vilas Palace or Mysore Palace is the residence of the former royal family of Mysore, what I’ve learnt during this trip is that Mysore is also known as City of Palaces and after seeing Lalitha Mahal and Amba Vilas and soon a few more, I can truly understand why. Its distinctive Indo-Saracenic architecture; a blends of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic is to die for, I would really be happy if I could visit the inside. Another time perhaps.

Mr. Tuk-tuk told us that there would be a food ‘donation’ or something being held the next day, I was so curious and pestered him to explain more but he wasn’t able to tell me much. Told him I want to go and take pictures of this unique ‘scene’, however he advised us against it as the road will be blocked and the place will be packed with sea of human; our safety was his ultimate concern. We obliged. Sweet heh.

To know more on Mysore Palace, click here and here.

Built in 1805, this Government House maybe the pit-stop for this race. #eh. Did I sound like The Amazing Race? Hahhahhaha…

This Government House of Tuscan Doric architecture once used to be the guest house for dignitaries visiting Mysore during the rule of British empire, now it is open as a guest house. This is a great old building that is still standing strong, aged gracefully as time passes by.

This beautiful Masjid-e-Azam cum Azam Baitul Maal is a place of worship for the Muslim, aside from this, it also act as the main place to assist poor and deserving persons in their educational and marriage, runs a library, hidayat center etc. Established since 1974 and founded by Late Dr. M. Naseeruddin is aimed at eradicating the socio economic & educational backwardness of Muslims. Grabbing passersby’s attention with its white and green, and its post Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture, one just can not miss it. 

More on Masjid-e-Azam, click here.

St Philomena's Church is built in Neo Gothic style in the loving honor of St. Philomena. It is understood that the original church was constructed 150 years ago and that the current church was erected in 1933 to fulfill the expatriate population during British empire. The best thing about this church is that there is an underground catacomb which is located near the congregation hall. Somehow this church remaindered me of Sagrada Familia is Barcelona, a scale down version that’s is. 

The beauty about all these places I shared is that they are all located on the same street (mostly), and that it wasn't part of our scheduled places, we just ask the tuk-tuk driver to stop for us to look around and take some pictures etc. I guess that is why I always prefer to charter the tuk-tuk for the whole day - time saving and convenient, and you’ll get educated too. 


saerah80 said...

Masjid E-Zam is beautiful.....

Lily Riani said...


sangat, unfortunately tak leh masuk. :(

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your Mysore Trip experience. Prepare your things to do in Mysore before start your trip.

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