Friday, April 4, 2014

Terengganu International Squid Jigging Festival 2014

No, you don’t say ‘I want to catch a squid’ or ‘fishing for squid (!?!)’, instead you say ‘I went squid jigging’. The one and only sea activity that makes you sound like the hot Will Smith (dancing to the song 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It'). 

‘Candat’ is the Malay word for ‘jigging’ which not many locals know it too, just like me, many of us can’t even imagine how one jig a squid. Being my curious self I went over the moon searching and researching on squid jigging; from the squid jig to the boat to the ideal time to squid jigging. I’m now a virtual Squid Jigger. Ahaks!

I’ve learnt that…
  • Three main important species of squid (well, at least in East Coast of Malaysia) – ‘Sotong Torok or Sotong Ketupat’, ‘Sotong Jarum’ and ‘Sotong Mabang’.
  • Squid jigging season is from March to September (coinciding with spawning season).
  • The chances of catching a squid are better during high tide on a cloudy or rainy night (Hemm…).
  • Squid changes its colour according threat or the presence of a potential mate.
  • Squid defense mechanism is their dark ink.
  • Fisherman uses fluorescent lamps to attract squids.

Feel smarter now? *wink*

Note :

Terengganu International Squid Jigging Fest 2014 or Pesta Candat Sotong Antarabangsa Terengganu 2014 is sponsored by the state government of Terengganu, this annual squid jigging carnival aims to introduce as well as relive the old tradition that was once livelihoods for many along the coast of Terengganu between April and August each year. It has since taken on a role as a recreational activity loved by people of all ages. This year’s event will also witness foreign participation from across the region. Various activities have been lined up and include cooking demonstrations and competitions, exhibition stalls, food stalls and the likes centered about… squids. The 1Malaysia Green 1Malaysia Clean campaign that runs concurrently is aimed at promoting the beauty of the state’s coasts, beaches and islands.


DJ said...

pengalaman mencandat tahun lepas...cukup lah sekali...hehuuu mabuk laut!

Lily Riani said...


itulah, ni siap bawak asam, ubat mabuk laut, minyak angin bagai.... suspense nih

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