Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 1b | Royal Belum's Jahai Tribe (Orang Asli)

Jahai tribe.

'Orang Asli' or indigenous people in Malaysia consist of Semang or Negrito, originated from the northern portion of the peninsular Malaysia, Senoi, residing in the central region and Proto-Malay or Aboriginal Malay from in the southern region. The Semang or Negrito are the earliest inhabitants of the peninsular Malaysia.

And I am fortunate to visit Kampung Aman Damai in Royal Belum, a settlement for the Jahai tribe.

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Day 1 | Royal Belum Houseboat & Rafflesia

This is one of the most looked forward activity in the itinerary, well,  for me at least. You see, I am always mesmerize with portraiture of 'Orang Asli' or indigenous people and keen to try my hand at capturing the moment, the depth, the expression and yes, I did fail with flying colours when it comes to portraiture. Bila nak pandai nih? Ke kena beli camera RM10k macam Hang Dhanim atau lens RM10k macam Masnona? Confirm tak travel 2 tahun kalau gi beli.

No red carpet service di sini, come as you are katanya.

Finally I caught a glimpse of them waiting for our arrival, at this point I was practically doing jumping jacks 50 times ok. Some of us brought some titbits to share with the kids and the BOA folks brought some as well.

TravelTips : You can bring preloved items such toys/shirts/books that is in good condition to be donated. Do be mindful that this is not a dumping ground, make sure the stuff that you wish to donate can be recycle/reuse.

I learnt that the BOA team alternate these orang asli villages so that every BOA participants get to experience different environment and the villages will get fair share of the donation. Noble.

Konon-konon rule of third, yeah right! (eyes rolling)

Kak Anash melawat tanah jajahan, ramai giler supporter.

These kids wanna befriend us but they are too shy. Hehhehheheee...

She asked us to take their pics. OK.

Gerai Haye Obet or Medicine Shop is what stated at the door, those bagged are herbs for sale.

Trying some framing technique, yes, gagal dengan cemerlang juga.

Groovy giler orang asli ni.

We were asked how do you know when the village population increases? When you see them building more houses and extending their land. This is normally due to marriage and here we saw a few houses being built, ramainya baru kahwin...

I like this scene. Really like.

Cantik kan.

They are envious of Aqilah because Kak Anash giving her the most attention. Giteww...

We parted soon after and headed to Sg. Tiang camp site where some of us skinny dip (#eh) and some fell into the lake -> Hang Dhanim. Will share the silly things we did in the next entry.

To be continued...


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Farikica said...

Hi liliy.. yesterday I read janggel's Belom's entry.. :) almost similar except yrs is in english..hehe....herbs tu untk sakit per?

Ren said...

Part groovy Orang Asli kat atas tu sangat lawak hahahahaha..

Hi Farikica.. thanks sebab sudi baca versi bahasa Melayu di blog i hehe.

Lily Riani said...


I guna google translate from Janggel's blog ehhehheheh... pemalas dak? acah je...

Herbs yang slalu jual kat KL ratus2, sana murah. I lupa lak nama akar kayu Nye.


groovy apa? bukan yek

Sandy said...

Your pictures are fabulous. That's quite an adventure. What does BOA mean? Was your trip a mission type trip? The mother and child's picture you captured is so sad, they look so terrible sad.

Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

been so long since you've popped in

Time Traveller said...

Kampung orang asli.. :D
Seronok time bagi paket makanan pada kanak2 tu :D

Anonymous said...


seriously tak nampak mcm kat Malaysia langsung. Even their features are different!

They speak fluent Bahasa?

Anonymous said...

Again, i just love the last photo of this entry. The two boats overlooking the sunset view.

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