Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 2 | Royal Belum Sg Tiang Campsite

Photography session at Royal Belum.
Failed with flying rainbow colours.
Ahaks...(My rule of thirds ke laut, in this case, ke tasik)

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Day 1 | Royal Belum Houseboat & Rafflesia 

Day 1b | Royal Belum's Jahai Tribe (Orang Asli)

Since we have baby on board, I reserved a room in the houseboat, instead he booked a lovely chalet for us at Sg. Tiang Campsite for those who prefers to sleep in a proper amenities and not close/open to nature ie houseboat. Unfortunately, the generator was faulty hence the best thing to do was to sleep in the houseboat. So sleep in the houseboat we did, and it was fun-er too.

For those who wanted to stay here or organise a offsite session, this place is not that bad really. There a several chalets and rooms that can be rented out. The room come with attached bathroom where else the chalet does not. It also have other facilities like kitchen, dinning hall overlooking the lake, surau and which can accomodate 30-50 guests comfortably.

Understood that there is a juggle track nearby for those that love mother nature and wild animals. Yes, you can see them if you are lucky enough; tapirs, elephants, tigers etc roaming around. Sg. Tiang Campsite is being patrolled by rangers from time to time, to ensure safety of Royal Belum visitors.

Ah...! Almost forgot to share with you how the bottom floow of this house boat looks like. Well, this is obviously the kitchen where the kakak cooks fabulous meal. Remember that RM150 per/head that I mentioned in earlier entries, it includes delicious, sumptuous, fabulous meal that if anyone whines about the food, you can (and I approve) kick that person into the lake. Seriously sodapppp!

Ahoy Captain Jack Sparrow!

Hammock is located downstairs and always being occupied by them. #Eh

For those lazy bums, you can do skinny dipping in the lake (life jacket is a must) before breakfast. You'll see #TravelholicAwesome with all kind of act - kuak lentang, kuak kupu-kupu, kuak dugung pun ada (apa tuh??? I mean, siapa tuh????) Zara and I opted out as we prefer to laugh at them dugungs (giler jahat kan).

For those opted out (from swimming sebab nak simpan lemak-lemak tepu untuk bekal gi Antarctic nanti) were taken for a boat ride. The boat where Kak Anash, Hasrul, Sami and Suci took went to feed them leeches (one of the informal and ad hoc activities) and our boat went for a joy ride (boat untuk activity orang penakut).

Oh yah! We saw another houseboat docking along the bank, this one with more rooms.

Post maut untuk Majalah Mangga.

Awat bila I tangkap gambar bakau ni jadi tak lawa. Awat???

Last activity before we head back to our jetty is to visit a waterfall which they claim is beautiful, first question pop to mind "ada pacat tak?" (any leeches?). If ada pacat, kirim salam, I dok dalam bok je... I was rest assured there were none and so I said ok, but if one ever crawl up on me, the whole 20 people from the houseboat better come and rescue. Better! Hahhahahhaaa... demanding tuh.

A short 10mins hike to the waterfall.

When sharing tips the night before, we were given a task to see whether we understood and able to apply what we learnt. We were on a mission to implement our learning. I decided to try the diagonal rule of thirds as I feel that was the hardest of all.

 First attempt : Horizontal rule of thirds = fail!

Second attempt : Diagonal rule of thirds with macro (kononnya) = fail (obviously lah kan)

Third attempt : Diagonal rule of thirds = confirm fail.

No rules for them, they decided to go for a dip instead which I think is a better move. Hahhahaa...

Only one rule, no no no.... not Shah-rule! One rule, the only rule; HAVE FUN!


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Time Traveller said...

Terbaik sebab ada muka time traveller sedabak kat situ hahahaha.. thanks Kak Lily :D

A place where u can repeat for hundred more times.. still feel want to go again :D

mrs said...

boleh tahan besar gak dapur kat atas bot tu..baru perasan yang geng2 TA yang lain takde share gambar dapur

tudia..ostat posing maut utk majalah mangga!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Muka majalah Mangga. Adeh. haha

Anonymous said...

Nak simpan lemak lemak tepu for Antartic nanti? Pun boleh! Hahaha.

Lily Riani said...


kannnn... muka anda bersepah2 ehheheheh


gitew... mangga sangat


lemak seantero haahhahhah

mrs smile,

ostat suko posing maut. ehhehehhehe... dapur diarang mmg besauuuuu....

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