Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adidas Contest Winner Announcement

Sorry for the delayed update, I was trying to get certain information before I release the result. 

Contest Entry/Link : Kota Kinabalu Day Trip [Adidas Contest]

Winners are selected base on closest answer. The question and the answer for the question as stated below.

Contest question :
1. Which shopping mall did I shop my #AdidasNeo stuff?

Answer : 1Borneo Hypermall (Full name please, hehehhehheee)

2. Who are the 2 ambassador for #AdidasNeo? (you need to google this)

Answer : Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (Some gave their full name, even I didn't know their full name *wink*)

3. What colour is #AdidasNeo logo?

Answer : Lime green, hijau pucuk pisang or Pantone 382c (Saw an answer indicating the pantone colour, am impress). I know it is not easy to get the Pantone colour so I am not being strict with this *smile*

The winner for the Adidas Winter Olympic Sochin-Russia shirt in blue worth RM99/- is... 

Special gift
Since a few came back with closest answer as well, I will also be giving a special gift from my upcoming trip (No no no... Not an Adidas product. Hahhahahaa...). The 2 person that will be getting the special gift are :

Surprise gift
As I feel everyone have pun alot of effort in participating, you guys will each get a surprise gift from me (Not an Adidas product tau). How cool is that?

Winners and participants
Please email me your address for me to send you the prize/gifts by 18 May 2014 (Sunday), prize/gifts will be sent via postage at the end of this month after I come back from my travel.

Email :

Congrats guys and thank you for participating. Luv.


Time Traveller said...

Bila baca entry ni..
*eh macam mana aku boleh terlepas nak join segment nie hahahaa* :P

ain@chepry said...

wow...i'm the winner...tqvm sis lily...

Sandy said...

Congrats to the winners. Thought I'd visit once more to let you know I've enjoyed visiting your site all these years; but...since you never return the visits anymore I am removing you from the blog log. I'm not sure why you stopped visiting back and wish you well.

Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

Ren said...

Wahhhhh dapat special gift!!!!!

Thanks Lily!

Azuan said...

macam super best and as always lain dari yang lain je your Philippines trip :) Look forward to read it.

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