Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interesting things in #Philippines

Before I get started with my little adventure in Luzon island, Philippines, I thought I should share these "interesting" things I saw in the Philippines, especially in their supermart (my favourite place in each country), bookshops and malls. Some might have seen these on twitter as I tweet on the go but for those that did not, let me share it with you guys.

This. Is. Manila. (view from my hostel)

Bakers alert!

Dedicated to Bart!

Bought the other version because I was too hungry at that time.

Got this one for myself, muahahhahah..... sodap!

The coolest store in Glorietta 4, most stuff at of average price but the owl vase I wanted to get for sis cost around RM100-200. I said kirim salam, next time mebbe. (Chup! Besar gak tau vase tu, yang kiri atas sekali tuh, nampak tak?)

Oh! Oh! Oh! I love their shoes! Range between RM80-RM100+. No, did not get any though. Ada sedikit menyesal disini.

My Little Pony and Friends soft toyssssss.... (I pulak yang over).

And have books too! Malaysia susah nak dapat banyak sekali gus, if tau kat mana, sila share info yek.

This is wrapping paper is beautiful, it comes with notebooks, paperbags, cards etc. Felt like purchasing the whole set! 

Flashcards! Intrigues by this but apparently in Malaysia we have alot too. Ignorant me! Hahhahahah....

And the options!

I thought this was a brilliant idea! Wanna put my thinking cap on and expend from this CSR idea. 

Comic addict out there... giler dok? 

 .... And more.

True that! 

This is their exercise books, bought a few... bestkan?! Dengan harapan adek-adek belajar rajin-rajin.

I know Bangkok have similar concept and if we have this in Midvalley Megamall, I will be soooooo happy! Hahahhaha.... I nak naik dulu ok!
(Ke dah ada tapi I yang tak tau? Lama tak gi Midvalley dah nih.)


Azuan said...

Bestnyer! Somehow i never even include Philipines in my travel list, don't know why. After seeing photos on your gram and reading this post, i'm re-considering.

BTW dengar cerita wanita2 dia pun comel2! haha

Lily Riani said...


If nak gi, cover outskirt diarang. lawa sangat.

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