Friday, August 29, 2014

See, Shop and Experience - Bosnia Herzegovina

This is about what I see, my observation, things I look for when shopping, basically my experience in Bosnia Herzegovina as a people surfer.

1. Markale Fruit and Vegetable Market.

I only have one word. CLEAN. Well, also impressed and excited. Fine! 3 words to describe this market, clean, impressive and exciting. (yah, I am flaking liddat).

Comei ok the way they package the items. Creative much?


This is only 1 Euro per bucket or 2KM or RM4.30, dirt cheap huh!

2. Book Flea Market

Wanted to get a few but all was in Bosnian language. Sigh... Having said that, it was an interesting walk nevertheless. Browsing and pretending I can read Bosnian. Hehheheheh....

3. Local Handicraft 

Rugs or carpets are aplenty here, and the motif is beautiful. If you like these designs, get the cushion covers as it is slightly cheaper and lighter to carry home too.

Bangles ares similar to those in Turkey, I gave it a pass since I have a few from Turkey at home.

Painted plates, also similar to those in Turkey and Morocco. Wanted to get one so badly but I have very limited luggage space. I was eyeing the bowl hehehheheh.....

4. Books on Sarajevo/Mostar/Bosnia

Grab a book on theor history, it is a pleasent read, trust me. I bought one on places of interest and accidentally left it on the plane. Rasa bangong jugak lah.

5. Cafe

A must must must do for all cafe crawlers, it is alot of fun to sit and chill while watching the crowd. I did it for about 2 hours while sipping a Bosnia coffee. Terasa diri ini hipster. #eh

Choose any cafe style you wish, a simple as this or as old school as the earlier pic.

Or hang-out at cafes as modern as this. All you need to do is just lepak and chillax.

This is an absolute must. try their Bosnian coffee. If you have not tried this, you have not been to Bosnia, katanya lah. So, try and it is not expensive at all, normal cafe is selling at about 2KM per glass *smile*.

6. Strolling their memory lane

Strolling their old town lane while checking-out souvenirs or chilling was fun for me. No hustle and bustle of city life.


7. Dessert

Jom beli badam. Like seriously, one can go absolutely "nuts" here, please. I did get myself a box of dessert similar to halva and it is super sweet (sampai ngilu).

 Choices. choices. choices.

8. Checkmate!

I think we should have this in Malaysia's parks, I did enjoy myself looking them playing, pondering and arguing. If I ever visit here again, I will bring a book and watch them play while reading and enjoying my coffee. (Drama gitew).

My suggestion is a 4 days 3 nights or 5 days 4 nights (best option), then you'll get to cover both Sarajevo and Mostar plus loadsa of time to chill and relax and laze around. An ideal trip to me.


Nanatron said...

how was the coffee lily ?

strong as viet coffee -- sampai kita susah nak tdor lol..

or smooth like luwak ?

NEKCIK said...

jauh bebenor.....klau dekat teringin jugak nak terjah
tumpang baca dan tengok gambar jerlah ye

Mrs.Critical Thinking said...

Hi there, mind sharing which airlines u suggest to make a trip to Crotia? And what is the minimum budget like (accomodation + travel tour + air flight + meals etc )for say a 3 nites trip?

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