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#TravelTips | Things To See In Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Part 2)

Beyond River Miljacka.

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River Miljacka.

A small ankle deep river divided both side, not may attraction across this river but taht few caught my eyes nevertheless. One of it being the Emperor's Mosque as mentioned in my previous blog entry (HERE).

#TravelTips 9 : You can cross the river from Latin Bridge and turn back at one of the bridges further down or vice versa depending on where you are. Don't worry, there are many bridges for both vehicles and pedestrian, one need not reverse his track.

Music Pavilion.

Being the only Music Pavilion that is standing still today, hence made it a popular place for the locals to hangout or meet-up. Used to be the home ground for Sarajevo hippodrome which was later converted into a square and then again transformed into a park; Franje Josipa Park. Due to the World War II, it was destroyed and rebuilt in 2004 maintaining the same original design from the period of Austro-Hungarian.

#TravelTips 10 : You can chillax here to have your brunch or lunch, or perhaps the cafe by the river to enjoy the view. There are also a small play ground for the kids for those with family.

Sarajevo Synagogue.

Constructed in 1902, Sarajevo Synagogue is located by the Miljacka River is the largest synagogue in Sarajevo. The earlier Sephardi Synagogue built in 1581 was burnt down and was rebuild a few times, the current synagogue also house a Jewish museum and an art gallery owned by the Jewish community here.

Lane heading towards the cemetery.

#TravelTips 11 : If you follow the road heading to Kovaci, look for a small lane on your left and walk up the slope (the street is not crowded with tourist hence some smart guessing is required). This small lane will take you to a cemetery (not to worry), from here, you can see the whole view of Sarajevo Old Town. If you want a better view, walk towards the higher round (of which I malas!). This tips was given by my kind guesthouse. 

Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery Kovaci.

Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery Kovaci is in honour of the soldiers who died during the Siege of Sarajevo throughout the 1992-1995 war, it is a sacred ground for the locals in memory of those that fought for the country.

#TravelTips 12 : Please wear good walking shoes as the climb is tiring but of course the view paid off *smile*. I did stop twice during the climb, memang tersangat azab sebab takut tergelincir kat slope dia. Tapi bebudak local main lari-lari jer. Tension ok.

Don't be surprise if you see kids playing bicycle, skateboarding or remote control cars at the cemetery, they are cool like that. Kat Malaysia memang tak lah, tobat orang ingat anak "apa-apa" sedang bermain. Lepas esok tuh, diarang start mintak nombor ekor. Hhehehehhehe....

Sarajevo Post Office.

Designed by the famous Josip Vancas, this beautiful Sarajevo Post Office building was erected way back in 1907, bearing the latest Art Nouveau design; the latest of its kind during that time. Its most impressive masterpiece was the glass roof; to help illuminate the concourse area. However, the building was badly damaged during the Siege of Sarajevo and later was restored in 2001.

National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Used to be Sarajevo City Hall, now the National and University Library has reopen to public since May this year. The then City Hall was built in 1892 and later in 1949 was handed and converted to the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina till current date. The building was seriously damaged by the war that destroyed hundreds of age old manuscripts, incunabula and other unique publications. UNESCO was given the mandate to assist in the restoration of the National and University Library as it is the symbol for the multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious character of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please watch the UNESCO video HERE for more info.

Sarajevo's Sebilj.

A wooden fountain located in the centre of Baščaršija square was erected in 1753 by Mehmed-pasha Kukavica. The Sarajevo Sebilj is a famous landmark and meeting point in this ‘pigeon square’, one can find souvenir shops and cafes surrounding it.

Serb Orthodox Cathedral.

The Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos is the largest Serbian Orthodox church in Sarajevo and one of the largest in the Balkans. Located at the Sarajevo old town, it was constructed in 1863 and completed in 1874.

#TravelTips 13 : If you wish to cover these areas on foot (there's many more that can be added/covered), you would probably need 3-4 hours minimum, this is assuming that you will venture into some of the museums or take a look of its interior at least, stop by the cafes to relax and unwind, take some photos or people surfing etc. So plan well, my suggestion is to start early so that you have a whole full day to wander.

Penat gak buat 2 entry nih, I read and read and read, lepas ni kalau repeat trip leh naik tahap expert dah kot, jadi personal tour guide gitew. Hhehehehheh.....

My next entry will be souvenir shopping in Sarajevo *wink*.


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Bosnia xpernah msk dlm wishlist travel tp lps bc tgk ade member travel post pic kat bosnia trs teruja...n ur blog make me more excited to go there..harap sis dpt listkan bajet nk pi sn brape..sbb i plan nk start from turki-greece-bosnia-uk

Unknown said...

Hi Lily Riani. Am planning to go Sarajevo. Not sure if I'm capable to do it free and easy (no travel tour). Is it safe? Do you have a FB account?

Lily Riani said...

Hafizah, nanti saya cuba listkan

Suzy, My FB account is under the same name

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