Friday, October 10, 2014

Contest | Polaroid Sunglasses

As per all the shouting and 'canang-ing' I did since last week over a few group pages, here is the much awaited Polaroid Sunglasses contest. Berdebar-debar gak yea buat contest, mana nak pikir question, answer, link, gambo, T&C dan serba-serbinya lagi. uishhh...... But at the end, I managed to complete it. Suspense and menyampah tak intro pepanjang cam ni? Muahahhahahhah  <<--- evil laugh.

OK, let's make it short, sweet and simple.


  • There will be 3 (three) sunglasses to be given out (please refer to below pictures).
  • The same contest is run in both my blog and Instagram.
  • 2 (two) winners will be selected from my blog contest and 1 (one) winner will be from my Instagram.
  • Contest ends on 13 October, 2014 (Monday) at 11:59pm.
  • Winner Announcement blog entry will be published on 15 October, 2015 (Wednesday) at 11:00am.
  • Contestant can participate as many times in both Social Media platform.
  • Contestant is entitled to only 1 (one) prize (both Social Media platform combine).
  • Answers to be replied on my blog and Instagram comment section.

1.  What type of premium polarized lenses do the Polaroid sunglasses feature in order to ensure perfect vision and protection?

2. What are the other 3 good qualities Polaroid sunglasses have aside from protecting wearers from UV rays?

3. Name 3 types of light rays that a polarizing light filter able to eliminate.

*Answers to be replied on my blog and Instagram comment section.

Tips :
* Take note of Kata Nama Khas yea
* Also to take note on the capital and small letters
* Full name/exact name answer (jangan lak letak the whole sentence, tuh kira tak aci. Hehhehehhee...)

Note : Actual sunglasses will be with black frame.

Good Luck!

A collaboration with Safilo Malaysia.

1 comment:

nanadhoi said...

the last one tu nampak menarik, but too bad muka saya tak sesuai pakai sunglasses :(

good luck for all contestants! :D

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