Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sabah | Island to island zipline (the longest in the world)

The highlight of the trip.

When you are excited about one thing, you can get very much carried away. For me, it's from packing, deciding what to wear, which sunglasses to bring and right to should I loan a GoPro (nak show off punya pasal). But at the end I settled with doing things in moderation (yeah right Lily!).

We obediently woke up, had our breakfast and board the bus on time for this exciting experience. And during this time, we were checking on each other's fear level, it is categorize in this manner "(a) Scared sh!t. Tak nak naik (b) Tak tau lagi, nak kot (c) OKlah, jom naik ramai-ramai (d) Tak kan jatuh punya (e) Ek ellaaa... relax lah". In other words, most of us quite scared lah.

But then there are a few brave men that determine to take pictures while ziplining down, contemplating between monopod + handphone or holding a compact camera and surprisingly, no one uses their GoPro. Or maybe they did but I am not aware (self absorb with being panic kot).

Arriving at Pulau Sapi.

Our first destination was Sapi Island where we have to register with Coral Flyer which they later took us to Gaya Island for the island to island zipline.

Coral Zipline Background
Built on one of South East Asia's most famous marine parks, Tungku Abdul Rahman Park, the Coral Flyer connects the islands of Pulau Gaya and Pulau Sapi.

The latest technologies and the highest construction standards have gone into the Coral Flyer to bring to you one of the most unique zipline experiences to be found anywhere on earth.

Borneo’s longest Zipline and the longest island to island Zipline in the world is ready for you to ride!

The keyword here is "longest island to island zipline in the world". Enough said.

I was selected to be the first batch to experience this in our group (more like I jump up and down insisting to be in the first group, kiasu tak?), so we took another boat to Gaya Island to get into our gear. March on!

The suspense started, jeng jeng jeng...

Zipline gear site.

All the gears were already assembled and participants are required to get into the harness, the operator will assist with the rest to ensure safety level and procedures are adhered. Please bear in mind that participants are also required to squat (example in above picture) to test you calf muscle.  

As you can see, I almost chickened out and head the opposite way. Hahhahahhahaaa..... 

Participants are lead to the zipline site, a short hike up the hill takes approximately 10 minutes and 30 minutes if you are unfit like me. Worry not as the excitement will overwhelm all hiking tiredness *wink*.

Oh yah! You need to carry your own 'that-huge-thing-I-forgot-the-name' thingy which makes the hike tougher.

The climb started.

My problem was coordinating between hiking, taking pictures and panting. Seksa wor.... 

Glad to see the safety level and proper procedures were adhered by Coral Flyer.

Due to panic mode, Ivan kept taking pictures of the operator nostril of which we kept wondering why (hahahhahahhaaaa....). My suggestion is not to shoot your ziplining experience holding a DSLR, use a compact or GoPro instead, the weight is too heavy and you can or might drop you DSLR into the sea.

The view.

And the experience.

I have to admit, the view as you glide down is beautiful, masyaAllah. I would pause the ride if I can, seriously.

Please take note that the guy on blue is not twerking. Sekian.

Video courtesy of Coral Flyer.

Oh! And yes, my new Polaroid sunglass did not fall off, must be due to the curve lenses in which helped me warp my perception of size, shape and distance hence I felt more relax. Not only that it protects me from the UV rays, it is also shock absorbent, shatter-resistant and scratchproof which suits travelers and outdoor enthusiast like me. Value for money. Yippee.
BEST! (Picture courtesy of Sham)

Coral Flyer
Mobile : +6011-2984 2023
Fax : +608 848 4934
Email : /

Open : 10.00am - 3.30pm (daily)
Tickets : Purchase at Sapi Island Jetty
Price : RM60 per ride/per person

Distance : 250 metres
Speed : 60 kmh (approximately)

A Sabah Tourism Media Fam Trip in collaboration with Air Asia.


Unknown said...

Wowww best! Murah pun murah & dekat dgn city. Boleh try nnt. Btw kami baru je launch travel blog, ada masa bolehlah singgah bg feedback :) (1st post kami psl backpacking di NZ)

Thank you!

AjlaA said...

erk. macam cuak. tp mcm wajib kene try. thanks for sharing sis!

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