Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sumatera Barat | Endless Surprises (#TripJiran)

This #TripJiran took Farah of ThatsoFarah, Ed Junaidi and myself to places that we never dreamed of, of past we never knew and of secret never been told. A trip that took us from Pekan Baru to Lembah Harau to Pagar Ruyung and to Batipuh (to name a few), before arriving to our final destination; Padang.

For me, more to rekindling with my root, my darah Minang. Something I have been wanting to do, but failed for so many years, glad I did with them; a fun, funny and enjoyable trip, full of narcissism. Ahaks.

Will blog about it more, meanwhile, browse thru what I've seen and experience during this 6d5n trip; a #TripJiran. Win.

Let's plan for our 2015 trip!


Time Traveller said...

Belut goreng tu memang sedap try masa di lembah harau dulu... sluppppppp :D

Nanatron said...

KIV for my next trip ! teringin nak try belut goreng. is it crunchy and taste good ???

Die Zehn said...

impress tgk jembatan aka pokok tu..

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