Monday, December 15, 2014

Day trip to Lake Bled, Slovenia (did toboggan ride too!)

Castle, princess and fairy tales.

The biggest mistake I did was to give myself 2 full days to discover Slovenia. Worry not, this decision was made carefully after doing a few researches, having said that, I should know myself better; 3-4 days would be more ideal. Especially after seeing the landscapes we passed by during our journey to Lake Bled, I knew immediately this country will be a definite repeat (matilah kalau semua negara nak repeat), obviously with keywords such as castle, princesses and fairy tales *smile*.

A few things that I have taken note of, loads of outdoor activities that I would like and can experience here; white water rafting (WWR) for one, paragliding (with a scenery like this, it is almost a must), canyoning, trekking and so many more. Doesn't help when I kept seeing all the promos and rivers (turquoise blue mind you!) for WWR during our journey to Bled. Oh! Not to forget cycling at the country sites, I bet I will enjoy this too. Hem... a bucket list for Slovenia building up.

The journey took 2 hours or so, and the station was rather small. Just ask around and they will direct you to Lake Bled, almost everyone is heading to that direction. I will be superbly amaze if one got lost. Ahaks.

There is a shuttle at the train station and it'll lead you to the Lake Bled bus station, from there, you walk to your heart content. For me? Am heading to the castle lah (mana lagi yek). The bus journey takes about 10 mins the most.

#TravelTips 1 : Allow 1 full day for Lake Bled for those who love nature and walking, or some outdoor activities.

Can you see the castle? That's where I am heading *grin*.

#TravelTips 2 : Bring money, lots of them. Nahh.... not because it's expensive but because you would love to snack by the lack and enjoy the view, or swim by the lake, or go into the castle. 

#TravelTips 3 : They have hotels here and backpacker lodges too (nearby). That would be my next plan, stay here and experience everything.

I, again, walked up (did this in a few cities during this trip of mine, kurus few kilos kot). One thing I regretted is not having enough stamina, beginning to realise that this trip requires alot of walking, like a great lot!

#TravelTips 4 : Most Europe countries require alot of walking, my suggestion is to do a little bit of exercise before traveling, stamina building katanya.

We went up, took some pictures and we left. There is an entrance fee of EU9 for adult (RM40 dah tuh, leh kayap wor), so I decided to be abit 'jimat cermat' and forgo the trip inside.

Entrance fee details HERE.

I absolutely love the walk by the lake. Love. Love. Love, and Love.

Must. Come. Again.

Then we so this....

And this! 

For those who know me by now, I will lavish myself on a ride like this. Fun apa.... kannnnnnn! Sumpah lawa and best. SUMPAH.

Details on price HERE.

Chairlift + toboggan 1 ride = EU 8-9 (adult)
Chairlift + toboggan 2 rides = EU 11-12 (adult)
Chairlift + toboggan 3 rides = EU 14-15 (adult)
Chairlift 1 ride = EU 4 (adult)

The view while taking the chair-lift and tobonggan! Me loike!!!

You can get this view at the top of the toboggan ride, they have also prepared a 'frame' that focuses on this scene for your Kodak moment.

#TravelTips 5 : You can walk up just for this view (without paying nor playing the ride), personally I think the view here is nicer than the one from Bled Castle. Prepare to climb both hills heh!

That's the castle we climbed. Gigih dak? 

Cam nih lah I nak lepak lain kali, sambil makan eskrem. 

Some might wonder whether did I try to take any pictures during the toboggan ride, the answer is yes and the result is as below....

Melelong okayyyyyy.... Hahhahahhahah.....


Bibie Karim said...

I think I should know by now, that u love riding 'things' as such. Haha. Just like the flying fox kat KK haritu kan.

hidayahrodhi said...

Tq for the info, more Balkans trip and tips please =)

iceman said...

Don't call Slovenia a Balkan country when you're there :s

Here's why:

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