Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Harau Valley. Untouched wonder.

Untouched wonder.
Enough said.

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Harau Valley | Lembah Echo Homestay
Jembatan Akar (Root Bridge), Padang in Indonesia

In my earlier post on monkey invasion (here), you can already see it for yourself the beauty of Lembah Echo Homestay; the place that drew us to Lembah Harau or Harau Valley. According to my aunt, the name Harau derived from the word 'haru' or emotion/moved, due to people who visited the valley was 'moved' by its majestic beauty and grandeur. Even me, a not-so-much-into-nature-person fell in love with this place, so much so that I will revisit this place soon. Definitely. Very soon.

Arriving at sunset with no room booking was terrifying as we might spend a night inside the car (with this view, no one would mind I bet), torn (confuse) between taking sunset pictures at the same time awed by it and looking for a place to stay was to much for us to handle. All 3 of us. And as you've guessed, sunset pictures won by a landslide. Ahaks.

We first arrive at Sarasah Aka Barayun or in Malay language, Air Terjun Akar Berayun. Thanks to my mom Minang side (yup, from Padang), I am able to understand the dialect well... sufficiently. Cukup-cukuplah tuk nak hidup sini.

One thing I have to highlight, it is kinda chilly here - the morning breeze + the waterfall splash, and did you notice that the kids enjoying it too. Oh! Do take note, that the kids are actually on their way to school, stopping by for a shower - at the waterfall. Ko mampu? (gitew, kata budak-budak sekarang).

Farah saw the opportunity of taking kids picture and she is all game, so were the kids *wink*; loving their pictures being taken and appearing in 2 blogs *smile*.

Showing them their pictures. Some requested for more. 

The friendly kids cooperating well. Hiks.

Nampak? Siap shampoo rambut tuh.

Next we visited Sarasah Aia Luluih or Air Terjun Air Lulus (I think, let me double check), and this one is the best lah... great place for photo shoot. But the famous picture is with Ed Junaidi lah pulak, do go and check in his Instagram yah.

The tree on the left is the popular tree we kept posing non-stop for 15-20mins, hahahhahaaa.... sampai segan kot. Really, do check it out, it is amazingly beautiful. I was gawking whole time. Reminder : I don't fancy nature so much.

 Ahah! See..... crystal clear water and no human! Well, there's 2 kids lah but still... the whole waterfall is yours. Giler best kot!

Akak nak join boleh dek?

Sarasah Murai is very unique as it is the only one with sandy beach, kid you not. According to the locals, the reason it is called Murai Waterfall is because burung murai or robin (bird) usually mate here hence the name.

Clear water and sandy beach. Private.

Suitable for yoga mebbe? Yoga apa, senget jek... Hiks.

For those extreme sport lover, head to Sarasah Aie Angek. Here, you can get hanging bridge, flying fox plus some other fun bootcamp activities.

#TravelTips 1 : My advise and tips is to stay here between 2-3 days and take the rock climbing or trekking package where you will be lead by a guide to climb on top of the climb. The bird eye view from the top is awesome! Something that I plan to do.

#TravelTips 2 : If you wish to know how to get there, please click HERE for more info.

#TravelTips 3 : Most homestay offers hiking/trekking package or they can arrange one for you. DO check before booking your accommodation.

#TravelTips 4 : There are many homestays around the area at a fair price, you can either do a walk-in or book in advance. The latter will be a safer and better move.

Kalau nak pergi, ajak-ajak lah! *cheeky smile*


Zilla said...

lily, ikut kalau nak repeat tmpt ne hehehe...

Budak Letrik said...

Masa pergi dulu air terjun halus je kat Lembah Harau ni

Ruggedmom com said...

Nice photos. Cantik betul sawah padi dan air terjun tu. Selama ni Padang/Bukit Tinggi tak teringin nak pergi

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