Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Harau Valley | Lembah Echo Homestay

Monkey invasion!

What do you do when you wake up at the sound of monkeys, open the door and see a troop of them just outside your door, staring at you, wondering why the hell you invaded their privacy (obviously you think otherwise lah, but due to communication breakdown we decided to blame each other).

I did the next best thing I know, ran in and take my camera and my phone - a live to tell experience. Planet of the Ape in the making (ok, part ni drama giler over-over sangat, mohon ignore).

But... you have to trust me, there were more than 3 monkeys, there were around 7-8 monkeys 'bertenggek-'ing outside the door. I could have sworn they wanted to take my laptop. Keh keh keh..... (excuse tak nak buat keje opis sebenarnya, patut I sua laptop tuh).

Just as I was getting excited over the little dawn 'invasion', I heard stomping sound on the roof and at the back door, and by back door I meant toilet! This is when I got really panic, becauseeeee... I so wanna do my small business and it is not helping with them troop looking at you while you 'performing' nature calls.

And yes, true enough, 5 monkeys 'bertenggek-'ing at the toilet. Oh yah! I forgot to tell you, the toilet? The jamban? The bathroom? Yuuuuuup, it's open air (close to the nature katanya). I have to say, I am impress with myself, where there's a will, there's a way. My way was to shoo them off but that was after waking up Farah telling her what happened, and she continued sleeping. Ek elaaaa.... hahahhahahhahah....

After done with showering, conference call, breakfast and all, I went to take a few pictures around the resort. Sumpah cantek. damai and tenang.

First Rumah Gadang
Room Number : 101 Rp. 390.000.- per/night
Room Number : 102 Rp. 390.000.- per/night
Room Number : 103 Rp. 390.000.- per/night
Room Number : 104 Rp. 390.000.- per/night

 This unit comes with a pool.

The pool is fairly new and I think it was a nice touch.

Surau or musoulah. 

And this is my room, Can you see the open air toilet? Hehehhehehe... scary heh. It's pretty ok and comes with attach toilet.

Single Room Cottage
Room Number : 801 Rp. 160.000.- per/night

The main building where we have our breakfast, event, hall and etc. Any events will be conducted here and team building at the field in front.

One of the living room.

The Black Cottage (left)
Room Number : 601 Rp. 540.000.- per/night

The Red Cottage (right)
Room Number : 701 Rp. 540.000.- per/night

Sample of the open-air bathroom/toilet, it's clean. Don't worry.


The bigger home have a proper bed and linen and TV too *smile*. 

North End Cottage
Room Number : 401 : Rp. 450.000.- per/night
Room Number : 402 : Rp. 450.000.- per/night

A hammock here would have been perfect kan. Hint hint. 

So, what do you think?
Will be sharing in my next entry where we covered when we were here at Harau Valley. 

And oh yah, by mid day, the monkey disappeared. Curfew kot?!?

Lembah Echo Homestay & Convention
Located at Harau Valley or Lembah Harau in Payakumbuh. Approximately 50 mins journey from Bukit Tinggi.

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DrCat said...

salam singgah...nice blog & so many great infos!

Ren said...

Lawa! Bumbung minangkobau.

Wilson Ng said...

I love the view seriously, it is a killer. Simply breathtaking.


Unknown said...

Excellent info..thanks admin

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