Friday, February 13, 2015

#AirBnB | First experience - Oslo, Norway

First time trying out AirBnB with mix emotion.
I am sensing fear? Curiosity? Excitement? Doubt?

We've booked for 2 location during our Scandinavian trip, one in Estonia and another one here, in Oslo, Norway. Everything was perfect until I bumped into a few reviews with the one in Estonia (I am still baffled on how I managed to miss these negative reviews). I was so freaked out that I requested to cancel and thankfully it can be done (3 days prior to arriving), phew.

Because of the above incident, I am so skeptical with our Oslo leg, so many thoughts came running to mind, one have to understand my sentiment on why I never fancy couchsurfing or AirBnB (those staying with host type). There is nothing to do with the host or those who swore by it being the best way to travel and know the locals, for me, I like my privacy, freedom and space (my me-time I call them). Embracing one of this style of travel or accommodation kinda worries me, will I loose my cool or get annoyed? Having read the recent news on how a girl who did couchsurfing with her mom and how she got rape in the next room (without her mom knowledge) was scary and freaky. I brave and told myself, I should at least experience it once. At least. Once (saiko diri sendiri giler-siler).

Here is my story... 
(being my first experience, I actually forgot to take the host photo, and took a couple of her cute cats photos instead [ngok ngek betul]).

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She is a bookworm. Good news for us and you know what, she have tons of traveling books. Well, I love her already *smile*. And she have 2 of the cutest cat ever and they are super friendly and 'well educated' (read 'train')... brownie point!

It is a fairly small apartment but the location is perfect; within Muslim area hence finding Halal food was easy peasy. There are even  a few mosques within 1-2 minutes walk from her home, she said she can hear the sound of azan faintly especially on Fridays (somehow I felt proud).

She briefed us on how to operate her door, her kitchen and showed us around her cozy little nest *heart sangat*. Bilik air dia bersih giler sampai I rasa I kena mop lepas guna okay. Bersalah sebab kotorkan masa mandi.

Cereals available for us.

Our room. 

Simple, clean and neat. 

What I find amazing was that she prepared a welcome pack for us (no photos of it as I ter-mess it up *bluek*); consist of towels, raincoats and a few other things. She even put some biscuits for us in our room (sedap giler!).

I left Wahidah to chat with our host while I busy playing with her cats and taking their photos. Ahaks. Oh! My favourite part was that she did alot of overland travels and she have been to Greenland. A tiny island in Greenland where one needs to take a helicopter to get there to be specific. You guys just have to see her photo albums.... takat my trip yang gi naik husky sled etc tuh memang tak heranlah. Rasa macam nak terus book flight gi Greenland masa tuh.

To ease her guest, she also prepared all sort of local brochures for us and guided us on how to get around; from one point to another etc. I told her that I will definitely do a repeat and I would want to stay here again. InsyaAllah.

Oh! By the way, she loves spicy food. Gonna bring some curry powder packets the next time I am here *wink*. Bila tuh? Jeng jeng jeng....

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marikosan said...

mmh neat giler hokay rumah. cantik plak tu. best la you dpt baca free travel books. me too havent try airBNB

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