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#TravelTips | Money-changers in Zagreb, Croatia

I was compelled to blog about this.
Truthfully, I was rather annoyed, frustrated and crossed when I first step foot in the city thus leaving a bad impression on Zagreb.

This was how it started...

It was pretty much of an overland trip right from Frankfurt to Salzburg, followed by Vienna and Ljubljana till where I am now, Zagreb. All the cities I covered was using Euro currency except for Croatia and Bosnia, and since these two currencies were not available in Malaysia, I figure (and this works like charm in all the countries I visited so far) we can either change in at the bus or train station we disembark in (or the airport for some of you). We have everything pretty much figure out but as usual, Murphy Law decided to step in and stir things for abit, adding spices (and perhaps some herbs too) into our trip. 

And there goes the Pandora box... Sigh.

Due to the timing when we arrived, the money changers at the Autobusni bus station were all closed so we head down to our hotel straight away. After settling our stuff, we venture into the town to shop, sightseeing and of cause, look for money changer. If you have been traveling for quite a bit, your mind tends to function like a clockwork, first location you'll seek for is the Tourism Information Centre, this is the one place that will never fail you. Until today. In Zagreb.

We walked in and enquire on where to go, what to see and how to get to Lake Plitvice the next day, our questions were handled not in a friendly manner nor was it full heartedly, in fact very unwelcoming to my personal opinion. One country that I was excitedly looking forward to (merely because of Lake Plitvice) now being smeared by the tourism inhospitality. To add on, the direction to the money changer wasn't the nearest nor was it the best direction given (the public gave a better direction, seriously) and as we were walking, we found few more money changers within a min or two walk from the Tourism Information Centre. Someone is not doing their homework well. Hem...

What done is done.

So, here is what I would like to do, I shall share the locations of money changers within walking distance to the square. Some I might not capture the road name but you can back track by the pictures and ask around. Boleh kan? *smile*

1. Autobusni Bus Station
It is located at the same floor as the ticket counter. That's is the only direction you need to know, unless they renovated the bus station lah. Ahaks.

2. Glavni Train Station
There is one located inside the train station - near the luggage storage area. If I remembered correctly, it is on the right side from the main entrance.

#TravelTips : There are a few backpacker hostel and guesthouses near this area.

3. Cvjetni Shopping Center (Bogovićeva ulica 5)
It is a walking distance from the Ban Jelačić Square (main square). The money changer is located one level below, near the lift.

Money changer on the left (written 'exchange').

4. Behind Tourism Centre (Vlaška ulica Street/near Zangreb Catherdral)
I fail to get the exact street name but base from the picture below and the landmark (Zagreb Cathedral), it should be within this proximity. You bound to stroll to this area if you are heading to the Zangreb Cathedral.

5. Airport
This is very obvious, you can get money changer in almost all airports *smile*.

Well, hope this helps.

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Hi Kak Lily... makin jauh berjalan.. semoga sentiasa sihat walau dimana berada :D

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