Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mt. Untersberg in Salzburg, Austria (Sound of Music site)

I insisted.
If in Austria, mountain we must go.
So go we did.
Regret we did not.

This was tricky, I wasn't that excited about The Sound of Music sites ie the mansion, abbey, castle or pavilion when I was in Salzburg. You know what I mean right, this is what Salzburg is famous of and yet my excitement level was just so-so, at the scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), mine was between 5 to 6. What is wrong with me?

So, you must be wondering... If I am not interested with The Sound of Music and stuff, what is there for me to look forward to? Well, there is this 3 things I was excited about (of which I kinda regretted it, a repeat trip need to be plan as usual huh) :

  • My accommodation at the foot of Mt. Untersberg
  • Mt. Untersberg itself
  • Stepping foot in Salzburg - UNESCO site.

I'll share my accommodation with you later, you'll love it! But now, we shall talk about the mountain itself - Mt. Untersberg. The journey from the city to the cable car station takes approximately half an hour or so, hence plan your day well as you need to coincide with the bus service there.

#TravelTips 1 : You can only visit the mountain on a non cloudy day. The cable car close if it is too cloudy, you can't see much anyway kan.

#TravelTips 2 : Operating hours changes according to month/season. You can check HERE on the operating time.

The ride up takes around 10 mins or so and... as as everyone would have known, Austria is a beautiful country. Very beautiful.

Don't you just wish you live here.

#TravelTip 3 : Cable car fee changes according to season, check HERE for more detail.

#TravelTips 4 : If you wishes to follow The Sound of Music trail, click HERE for the list and whereabout.

As we ascent. 

I have to admit, abit gayat by this time lah. 

This mountain is not so popular hence you hardly get any crowd, you don't have to be kiasu nor need you rush to go up/down. Just walk and take your own sweet time.

There is also a cafe up at the mountain station, you can always have your lunch here or sip your hot coffee/tea while enjoying the magnificent view. Bottom line, don't rush and pace your self.

Alternatively, you can also hike here on good weather. Perhaps I should try this one day as the view is superb I heard.

#TravelTips 5 : Nature lover, you can also hike here. Found this blog on the route etc, hope this helps.

I wouldn't dare to stand at the end like this.

The most I do/dare. 

I climbed higher actually till this point HERE, but surprising and as usual lah I didn't take any picture. Hahhahahhah....

I will share with you on where I stayed while in Salzburg in my next entry. Very quaint local house *I loike*. Till then, good night.

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Travel-Bunny said...

I loveee your colourful attire, Lily! :)

- Cindy

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