Monday, March 2, 2015

Ljubljana Castle / Ljubljanski Grad, Slovenia

Castle. Castle. Castle.
Princessy much?

I am beginning to realize that this trip I took in August 2014 was full of hills and castle, but… where’s my prince charming lah? Ahaks.

It was almost a must, to hike up the nearest hill or building in the city to capture the city or town view, been doing this a lot in few of the recent trip, I could have sworn it’s a trend now. Or maybe it have been (?), just that I was too caught up with the city to notice, nevertheless, a hike in great weather with new surrounding is definitely welcoming and refreshing.

Many might not know that back in 1991, Slovenia split from Yugoslavia and became an independent country. The previous Yugoslavia state consist of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, hence the history, culture and heritage are truly diversified. Having occupied by Germany, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary thus one can only understand why Slovenia is heavily influenced these country. Aside from this, Slovenia also shares many commonalities with their neighbouring country such as Austria in terms of architecture and cuisine; among others.

Viewing Tower offers spectacular views of the old town.

For those that prefers an easy way up, one can also take the Ljubljana Castle funicular to the top of Castle Hill which started its operation in 2006. 

Located majestically on Castle Hill in Ljubljana; overlooking the famous old town, this medieval fortress was built to defend the against the invasion of Ottoman Empire invasion which later was turn into an arsenal and a military hospital, a prison as well as poor families settlement. Now, owned by Municipality of Ljubljana, it is being converted into a city museum. 35 years of later; in 1990s, it finally being opened and used for weddings and events and of course a museum when they also hold a number of exhibitions throughout the years.

Truthfully, I was rather a tired from the climb despite that I did enjoy myself immensely. We lepak-ed by the courtyard, drink and munch some left over titbits. There were people practising fire-dance, I think there is a performance later that night or perhaps over the weekend unfortunately we have to give it a miss as we depart the day after. Families just hanging out with their kids enjoying the view, food, weather and exhibition... a bunch of local and international travelers wandered and explored the castle before heading back to the old town.

This are shows and performance being played at the courtyard during the warmer month.

National Geographic exhibition during our trip to Ljubljana.

Some of the path around the castle.

I don't know how we did it but we somehow came down from a different path we took, I think this is at the outskirt of old town... Kinda easy actually, all you need to do is follow the sound from the town. Ahaks.

For opening hours and entrance fee, please CLICK here.

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