Friday, March 6, 2015

Ferry experience from Sweden to Estonia

Last day before I head to Tallinn, Estonia.

This came as a surprise to me when I first visit Sweden years back, I found out that I can travel to Estonia via ferry. And at that point, I don’t even know the existence of Estonia, let alone the location of this charming little country (blur giler dak?!?!). When I ask Elaine on Estonia, I remembered she clearly and briefly told me that it is an old medieval like country and that the capital is called Tallinn. Still in a daze, she continued “This is the country that invited Skype!”. Hemmmm…. Me still blur leh. Hahhahahahhah... I bet I annoyed the hell out of Elaine.

During that first visit, there was this promotion going on and the ferry was at RM50 per pax but as you might have guessed it, I missed the chance lar. But this time around, I will not make the same mistake twice, I make sure that Estonia is in my Scandi trip list (waima diarang bukan negara Scandinavia, gwe ngak peduli!). I told myself, the next time I am in Sweden, I will make a point to take the cruise to Estonia. And here I am, all excited for my next destination. Estonia. And I paid few hundreds jugak lah for this cruise, ada sedikit menyesal disini.

Bye-bye Stockholm.

In order to save accommodation cost, we took the overnight ferry, arriving Tallinn in the morning with the hope of watching sunrise on a Baltic Sea. Not.

We were so lazy and the weather is so very very cold that we purposely miss it; convincing ourselves that maybe there wasn’t any sunrise due to cloudy day. 

Few things that fascinates me, our ticket which looks like a normal Malaysia parking ticket is also our key card. The fact that theirs is made of paper instead of the normal hotel plastic key card type intrigues me. Other than that, our B-room comes with WC and TV, it is fairly small but cozy enough for 2 of us; we have to close/keep one bed when performing our solat. Oh yah, there's no mini fridge what-so-ever, I mean… not that we need one with the weather this cold. Overall, I am pretty happy with my room.

Other facilities they have is supermarket (besar lah jugak), casino, few types of restaurant (we can only afford cafeteria – sedih giler ok), clothing store, sauna, playroom for kids, etc. FREE wifi is available ONLY at public places so you’ll see people linger around (even on floor) in the spirit of getting connected.

It was 15 hours journey and I pretty much enjoyed it being my first overnight cruise experience (the one in Te Anau was on a small yacht), as much as I know what to expect but the fact that I am in one and doing it on Scandinavia land makes it really cool (riak takkesudah. Hahhahahha….). The only drawback was that the upper deck it was super freezing cold, like Frozen movie cold, cold.

Unloading Optimus Prime.

Dah sampai!

There are a few ferry companies that you can op for, we took Tallink Silja Line.


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

I'm scared of the open seas and boats so I could never go on a cruise like that. We are heading back to England later this year but I don't know if I'm ready for that freezing cold weather!

Duncan In Kuantan

WorldTravelista said...

Wow, cool! I didn't know there was overnight ferries like that, nor that it was that long of a journey. The room doesn't look that bad... thanks for posting the pictures! It actually kinda reminds me of am Amtrak sleeper car. Cool blog!! :)

Hanis Amanina said...

the carpet reminds me of sejadah for prayers. :)

I heard that we can also go from Norway to Denmark by ferry too.

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