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Adventure Tourism with Nomad Adventure in Gopeng, Malaysia

Exhilarating trip.
It was worth it.

I can’t remember where I’ve heard of Nomad Adventure but it surely sounded familiar. After experiencing their well-executed and smooth-ran activities, I believe this is one of those cases where word of mouth carries weight. One that you can’t recall who recommended or mentioned them to you; their professionalism, experience and service precedes them. It travels. Word travels.

Founded in the mid 90's, Nomad Adventure owner and Managing Director Yuen Li shared how she started, her whys and her inspiration. I was overwhelmed, ecstatic, awed, I truly felt that I should just start my own company (whatever it may be) right there and then. To the point that I think this Perak Fam Trip should win ‘The Most Inspiring Fam Trip’, a type of culture that we should instil in us travel bloggers. Inspire, venture, excel.

Drive change.
Being an early rock climbing developer and pioneer,  and now one of the top adventure tourism destinations in South East Asia, Yuen Li’s Earth Camp provides eco-friendly campsite that is currently popular amongst companies for leadership camps activities and amongst colleges and universities for their teambuilding activities. Emphasizing strongly on safety, Nomad Adventure is the first outdoor adventure company in Malaysia that attain an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Aside from that, they are trained for Rescue 3 International, which is the largest and globally recognized rescue training organization for flood, water and rope rescue. Despite accolades of praise, recognition and awards, Yuen Li remains humble and hands-on on daily operations. In fact, during our caving and white water rafting excursion, she was kayaking to and fro; our safety is her utmost priority.

Among Nomad Adventure products are :

Earth Camp
•  6 dormitories with 100% natural coconut fibre mattresses for 150 pax
•  12 tree houses and 6 kampung houses for 40 pax
•  3 villas for 12 pax with attached bathroom. Sleep on luxury organic herbal mattresses.
•  Spacious dining hall, large lounge, multi-purpose hall,
•  Ample toilet and shower facilities
•  Easy road access and parking for cars and busses
•  Reliable mobile phone coverage and internet access via satelite dish
•  Delicious home-cooked food prepared by our caterer
•  Our fully fenced grounds are patrolled by a nightwatchman

Rope Based Activities
Rock Climbing & Abseil
High Rope Course
Giant Swing and Leap of Faith
Rock Climbing, Belaying & Low Ropes
“Over The Edge” Abseil
Waterfall Abseiling
Gua Kandu With Flying Fox

Gua Tempurung
Gua Kandu

Water Based Activities
White Water Rafting
White Water Kayaking
Rescue Team Challenge

How to get there?
Public Transport

By bus
There are daily bus services to Kampar, Gopeng and Ipoh. Many bus services provide transport from Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The bus costs RM 17 to RM 20.

By train
A more comfortable and reliable way is the train to Kampar Station or Ipoh station from Kuala Lumpur Sentral. The services are frequent and start from 6am till late at night and cost RM 31 to RM 34.

Do note that the public transport will only take you to the towns of Gopeng, Kampar or Ipoh and you will need a pick up from there to our campsite.

From Ipoh, Gopeng or Kampar you need a pick up to our camp site:
For a pick up from Gopeng, a taxi costs around RM 15 per car / one way.
For a pick up from Kampar, a taxi costs around RM 20 per car / one way.
For a pick up from Ipoh, a taxi costs around RM 60 per car / one way.

To check the train times and cost: https://intranet.ktmb.com.my/e-ticket/login.aspx


If you are coming from overseas the International Airport Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) is only about 2 hours from Earth Camp, Gopeng. KL International Airport is one of Southeast Asia’s major aviation hubs. From the Airport you can either take a rental car or public transport to Earth Camp.

Tel. +6(03)79585152 /3151
Fax. +6(03)79581710

World of Wonders - Perak Media Fam Trip is in collaboration with Tourism Perak and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.


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Berapa harga?

Lily Riani said...

I am seeking their assistance in getting the price list, can you leave your email address so that I can forward you the detail once they updated me.

Nanti I akan update blog I with the price list in next post, next post about caving pulal :) (benda yang I paling takut buat sebab kena panjat and dalam gelap)

Unknown said...

hi! I really like the packages, do you have a price list? my email is prevenakannathass@gmail.com
thank you!

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