Monday, April 4, 2016

Macao (previously known as Macau) - More Than Just Hotels And Casinos

Many have the perception that Macao is all about gambling with its fancy thematic hotels and casinos, to a point it is dubbed as Las Vegas of the east to some. I also come to realized that many travelers tend to visit Macao for a day or two, some even do a day trip from Hong Kong. As usual, I always advise otherwise, there’s nothing to see or venture if the country you are visiting is covered within a day (trip) or even in 2 days (including flight/ferry time).

Recently I got to know about Macao Arts Festival organized by Macao Culture Affairs Bureau (ICM), ushering summer. This is certainly new to me, there will be theatre, dance, music, circus, multimedia and visual arts in an artistic panorama of events being showcased.

I’ve learnt that 2016 is the 400th anniversary since the death of the literary giant William Shakespeare and Ming Dynasty’s famed Chinese playwright Tang Xianzu. Hence, the festival will showcase a number of their works such as the romantic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Shakespeare Theatre Company, and The Legend of the Purple Hairpin by maestro Chu Chan Wa, among other local and international shows. This will be great for art lovers.

Those planning to visit Hong Kong and dropping by Macao, do keep in view of this festival. You can leverage or plan your trip around this date. This was, you will appreciate Macao, more than just their hotels *smile*.

Macao Arts Festival
Date : 30 April - 29 May, 2016

I will be sharing tips of where to go and what to do in my upcoming post on Macao, stay tune. Also, the halal food around Macao.

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