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Kompang Tiga/Jawa in Malaysia | #RentakSelangor

Malay Wedding. Kompang.
Opening ceremony. Kompang.
Event. Kompang.

Kompang; a frame hand drum. Has been a part of Malay culture since 13tth century by the Arab merchants through Java Island in Indonesia, aside, there is also findings stated that kompang came from Muslim Indian traders to Tanah Melayu or the Malay Peninsula during the height of Malacca/Melaka sultanate era. Having said that, Kompang is originated from Persia and it is commonly used to enlive a party, one can easily expect to it being performed for circumcision, khatam Quran, during zikir and berzanji. In fact, if one were to visit a kampong (village) during Maulud Nabi (birthday of Prophet Muhammad) and Awal Muharram procession by the villagers and kids singing praising our Prophet Muhammad with selawat.

Kompang Jawa is played by the local Javanese in Kuala Selangor, Kompang Jawa is also known as Kompang Tiga to some. There’s a few kompang troupe from respective states that are more active and prominent, their ensemble are known as Kompang Jawa or Kompang Tiga, Kompang Tujuh or/and Kompang Ribu. And these kompang troupes are generally from Johor, Selangor and Perak. These names denote the size of the ensemble or troupe themselves, Kompang Ribu or Thousands Kompang refers to the many players, where else Kompang Tiga (Three Kompang) and Kompaang Tujuh (Seven Kompang) basically describe that there are three and seven players respectively in each troupe. A full scale ensemble in Kompang Ribu consist of hadrah, rebana, dabus, rodat and kompang, the common one that can be seen during wedding and such consist of only kompang.

This single-sided handheld frame drum; Kompang Tiga or Kompang Jawa is popular in Kuala Selangor. Originated from the days of Wali Sembilan (Nine Saints), Jawa Tengah who used the musical performance to attract people to the teachings of Islam; it is often played by the pondok pupil and later expanded all over Selangor. This Kompang Jawa (also known as Kompang Tiga [Three Kompang]) is different from other kompang as its songs and compositions are based on the Kitab Berzanji. It is usually performed during wedding, baby showers, Quran recital, circumcision and etc.

Why is it callled Kompang Tiga?
Kompang Tiga is also known as Rebana Ketimpring in Indonesia.
It is because it is played in 3 sets/players and the #kompang (drum) comes with 3 tamborine bell. And each musician plays a different note; when combined forms a beautiful song. Each player/note has its own name, namely Telon, Banggen and Babon. When this 3 notes combined, it’ll form a harmonious melody. At times, Kapatan and Penyalalu player/notes are being added as a filler perfecting the song.

In its country of origini, Rebana Ketimpring is split into 2 types, (i) Rebana Ngarak – Being used for wedding or procession from the groom to the bride’s house. It is also said that the younger generation plays Rebana Ketimpring when practicing pantun (poem) and silat (Malay achipelagi martial art). And (ii) Rebana Maulid – It functions is to accompany when singing praising our Prophet Muhammad (selawat). It has become customary in Betawi that now, it is being played and performed in other months aside from Rabiul Awwal, it is also being performed baby showers, aqeqah, circumcision, solemnization, wedding and etc.

As it is becoming less popular nowadays, one can only see active and enthusiastic participation among the younger generation in the suburb and kampung (villages) areas.

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Risalah Husna said...

Kompang Tiga same with Marawis or Rebana in Indonesia. I really like to hear the sound of that.

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