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The Kabin, Jeram | #RentakSelangor

Container hotel/accommodation is mushrooming in Malaysia. Almost every state has their own version, owning one or staying in one can even consider as hipster or cool by some. And here I am, trying to be hipster-with-a-thirst-for-culture. Gitewww….

My knowledge of The Kabin was when I saw a couple of bloggers covering this cool accommodation some time back, and to my excitement upon receiving the invite, I get to stay here too. At this point, excited was an understatement, I was ecstatic, actually… I was beyond ecstatic, I was….. Flabbergasted, dumbfounded, spellbound. So here I am, at The Kabin (note how I emphasize it, full of poyo and riak tak?) and they did not fail to impress me. The pool, the café, the hall, the food, the room and all, not forgetting the friendly and warmness of the host. It was simply amazeballs (trying my best to sound cool and hipsterish here. Menjadi tak?).

The experienced blogger in me took charge (ceh wahhh), I scanned the café and main hall (as that’s where we gather for the briefing and room keys) – spacious, teabreak food was good. Saw some lepak place and half-court for basketball. Guest needs is catered and taken into consideration. Then come the accommodation/room – clean and full equip with basic amenities. Boleh lah…. And oh yah, it is fully air-conditioned.

The pool was of average size, there’s hammock, coffee area, barbeque pit and etc, Not bad for a family day gathering in fact. Overall, am very happy and impress with The Kabin.

I guess you may wonder how big is this Kabin thingy right?
There’s a few types of room available, namly, 4 and 6 pax dorm, twin sharing,
There are 17 rooms strategically located around this premise.
Able to house 78 pax (adults).

Breakdown as follows :
Rotterdam (Max 6 pax. Pool view)
1 Queen bed, 4 Single Bunk Beds, 2 Bathrooms, Private Balcony
Rate : Peak - RM490, Normal - RM440

Felixstowe/Hamburg/Atwerp (Max 6 pax)
1 Queen bed, 4 Single Bunk Beds, 2 Bathrooms
Rate : Peak - RM440, Normal - RM390

Durban (Max 2 pax. Pool view)
1 Queen bed, 1 Bathroom, Private Balcony
Rate : Peak - RM240, Normal - RM190

Santos Balboa (Max 4 pax. Pool view)
1 Queen bed, 2 Single Bunk Beds, 1 Bathroom, Private Balcony
Rate : Peak - RM340, Normal - RM290

Long Beach/ Vancouver (Max 4 pax. Pool view)
4 Single Bunk Beds, 1 Bathroom, Private Balcony
Rate : Peak - RM340, Normal - RM290

Shanghai/ Singapore/ Sharjah (Max 4 pax)
1 Queen bed, 2 Single Bunk Beds, 1 Bathroom, Private Balcony
Rate : Peak - RM310, Normal - RM260

Busan/ Keihin/ Kelang/ Ho Chi Minh/ Columbo/ Melbourne (Max 4 pax.)
4 Single Bunk Beds, 1 Bathroom, Shared Balcony
Rate : Peak - RM290, Normal - RM240

It is a walking distance from the beach (non-swimmable of course), good for lepaking and lazing. 5 mins or so to Burger King (in case the youngster can’t adapt with kampung food kan, lebih-lebih lah pulak), 15mins to Sasaran Sky Mirror (click here to learn on how to get there/local travel agent contact), less than 30mins to the famous Sekincan paddy field, Pantai Redang and not to forget, drivable distance to Jeram – Selangor seafood heaven.

The Kabin
Address : Jalan Haji Zainal, Jeram, 45800 Jeram, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : +60 17-678 3825

Rentak Selangor Fam Trip is in collaboration with Selangor Youth Generation Development, Sports, Cultural and Entrepreneurship Development, UPENS (Unit Perancangan Negeri Selangor), Tourism Selangor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.

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