Monday, October 8, 2018

Cholo Cholo Hot Spring in Batang Kali

Hot Spring in Selangor?
In Batang Kali?

Well well well… This is new to me.

First and foremost, I just learnt that ‘cholo’ means ‘jenguk in Bahasa Malaysia or ‘to look around or over something by stretching or leaning’ in English. And ‘cholo’ is a Minangkabau dialect; originated from Sumatera in Indonesia.

Located in Hulu Tamu in Hulu Selangor and founded by En. Othman Omar in 2008, Ontok Ontok is now managed by his son; En. Lokman Hakim and his wife Pn. Emas Zaherra. The area consist of a restaurant, chalet and camp site called Ontok-Ontok as well as Cholo Cholo Hot Spring. 

Air Panas Hulu Tamu or hot spring are found by accident through a villager while looking for a buffalo calf who is jumping with surprised that the water it was drinking is too hot. During the Japanese invasion in Malaya during the World War II Japanese soldiers found Hulu Tamu hot spring as a healing site for those who were injured. Hot water from the spring can accelerate the healing process and is believed to cure ailments and rheumatism.

Ontok Ontok Enterprise decided to build the Cholo Cholo Hot Spring approximately 30-50m from the main chalet area. The hot spring consist of a few pools that is categorized by the degree of heat, once this is ready, a nominal fee will be imposed as it will come with proper changing area and washrooms. Not only that, this whole area will be fit for small scale team building - a great total experience for attendees.

Ontok Ontok Enterprise
Lot 2107, Kolam Air Panas Hulu Tamu
Batang Kali, Selangor

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