Thursday, October 25, 2018

Selfie Museum Kuala Lumpur

Selfie Museum
Go crazy guys!

Seriously guys. Amazing right. And you know what makes this even better? It is located a mere 2mins walk from Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, basically it is across the street. There is 2 other places that you can cover while you are within this area as it is located just next door to each other – Museum of Illusion KL (will blog about this in my next post) and the mural behind Lot 10.

You know what, this is my recommendation if you happened to be in Pavillion or Jalan Bukit Bintang area. Spend probably half a day or perhaps a full day (if you include shopping lah) and cover these places:

  • Selfie Museum KL
  • Museum of Illusion KL
  • Mural at Hutong (behind Lot10)
  • And nearby this area, where you can reach via grab or/and walk (a tad too far to walk though)
  • Jadi Batek Gallery at Jalan Inai
  • Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman at Jalan Stonor
  • And ends you trip at Jalan Alor for dinner (mostly non-halal) or Ain Arabia/Arab Street on Jalan Berangan, or perhaps you might prefer the malls’ eateries.

This is the part that I find it weird, like seriously weird. Well, you see… a bunch of us visited the Selfie Museum by Samsung Galaxy (like 20+ of us was there) and I hardly see anyone taking any selfies, most of us (me inclusive) asked our friends to snap a picture for us. No! No guys! We are not supposed to do that, its selfies (wefies pun ok lagi) … why lah no one took any selfies? But can I really blame them? After all, the rooms are really and truly amazing – vibrant, colourful, catchy and most importantly Instagrammable (penting tuh).

One must know that some of the 9 rooms are being sponsored by well known brands such as :

1. “The Giant Cakes” Room by Pandora
2. “Everything’s Sweet” Room by Benefit Cosmetics
3. “Fluffy Path” Room
4. “Ice-Cream World” Room by Baskin Robbins
5. “dUCkies CafĂ©” Room by dUCk Scarves

6. “Rainbow” Room
7. “Super Happiness” Room by Samsung Galaxy
8. “Splash Lab” Room by TeaLive & llaollao
9. “Do-Nut-Stop” Room by Hotlink

Yup! You guess it right, some of the rooms serves bite size food/icecream/drinks. And NO! You are not getting a dUCk scarves, I’ve asked *wink*.

General Tips from non-selfie-lover.
  • Plan your attire wisely, my suggestion is go for non-printed design and perhaps light/pastel colours
  • Browse thru the hashtags or their Instagram on poses so that you can recreate during your visit
  • No props are require, am sure you can make use of whatever available there (takut tak menang tangan jer nanti)
  • We were given less than 10mins per room (due to our large crowd), if it is the same for you guys – time well.
  • Solo visitor - most of the room looks better if the photos are being taken by another person (Seriously. Despite that it is called the Selfie Museum. Ahaks)
  • Allocate sufficient memory space on your mobile. Kid you not!
  • Come early. As you can adjourn to Museum of Illusion next door and mural photo session right after.
  • Remember to hashtag #SelfieMuseumKL when you post in the Instagram

You selfie lovers out there, what are you waiting for?

Selfie Museum KL
Level 2, Fahrenheit88
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours : 10am - 10pm (daily)
Entrance Fee : RM45 (Adult), RM30 (Kids)

#UnseenKL Media Fam Trip is in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, #VisitKL and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel Magazine as media coordinator.

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