Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bumped by A Trailer, Injured by A Leap

Day 4
(29 March 2009). Ouch!

Bumped by A Trailer

This is the most annoying thing that can happen on a holiday. It occurred during the 2nd day of my trip, we started out day during mid morning so that we can laze around in bed (It was my excuse, as I drove to Penang the night before straight from my office). Everything was normal and perrrrfeeeeect, breakfast, hotel, internet connection (a must as I bring my work along!?!), I drove to Penang Hill which is located near the city. Oh yah! We stayed at Batu Feringghi (Foreigner's Rock) hence it quite a distance to town, cause we thought we wanted the sand & sea drama lar... (we got more then what we bargain for)

Back to the "accident", as we approach town; the traffic congestion started (very normal at noon time) and we were stuck near a Chinese school on the way to Penang hill. Somehow the road was at stand still at the traffic light nearby (a cross junction traffic light if I remembered correctly); perhaps because of the lunch hour, Friday prayers, schools just finished their session etc. Basically, if you were to cook an instant noodle, you can probably cook 10 packets and your car will still be at the same place - it's that bad!

I was listening to some music, my cousin & sis was singing and chatting happily then we heard a light bump and a scratching sound, we thought it was some sound effect from the song we were listening. Then we felt our car shook lightly... AIKS! As we turn our head, guess what???? A HUGE trailer carrying container (mind you!!!!) was TRYING to SQUEEZE it's might next to us so that it is parallel to my car. And of course, this silly driver obviously DID NOT REALISE he is driving a trailer NOT a sedan car!?!??!?! I dare not step out of the car incase he step on the gas and hit my door AND myself (it IS a TRAILER!), I did what I can do, I honk and honk and HONK. The car in front of my also got panic, but they too can't barge.

Finally the driver "HEARD" and came down.... you wanna know what he said (or scream)?

Driver : Tak nampak ke? Buka ke? *Can't you see? Are you blind?*

Driver : Trailer besar mana nak nampak awak!!! *My trailer so huge, obviously I can't see you!!!* (Eerrr...... is it my fault here?!

By the way, this is the type of trailer that don't have a nose/engine front (what I like to refer to) THUS, am sure he can see me!!!

Me : (Trying to remain calm) Apa bising-bising ni? *What's the noise all about?*

Me : Saya memang nampak trailer awak, awak tu nampak ke kereta saya?
*I can definitely see your trailer but can you see my car?*

Me : Saya yang kena langgar, yang awak marah-marah ni apa hal? Apa masalah awak? *I am the one that got hit by you, why are you scolding me for? What's you problem here?*

Me : Nak jalan macam mana, tak nampak traffic jam, traffic light merah? *Moreover, how am I to drive, can't you see the traffic jam & red traffic light?

I was still calm as I don't want to panic and scare my cousin from Indonesia and my sis THUS SPOILING our holidays.

Driver : (In shocked) Argh.....
Me : Ntah apa apa ntah, sudah lar.... * Whatever.....*

At that point some car moved and the traffic light turned green, I went into my car and drove off. The man was still standing there bewildered and my nonchallant act. That BUMP cost me RM1500 ie slightly above USD450++
Why is he blaming me for??? DUH!!!!.

Injured by A Leap

OK! Two mishap in a trip... just my luck!

Well, if you noticed most of the "human" post would have some "jumping" post. It's a trend then... still is... heehhehe (more in my Facebook). Not wanting to miss all "this striking" pose, I decided to do the same lar...

On my 3rd day (2nd last venue), I decided to "LEAP" from a bench with a karate kid pose and that "FLYING" point, my sis will snap my pic. Supposedly I will look cool lar.... What went wrong was, I LEAPED TOOOOOO HIGH, and since I have one leg kicking the air and the other straight, YUP! you guessed it! I fell off-balance and landed on one feet. The moment I fell to the ground, I heard a POP, I knew instantly something majorly wrong & bad happened. It was darn painful - luckily that day Andrea was the designated driver.

I thought I could bare the pain (DRAMA!), so we still head to the next venue, river houses and I told them I will stay near the car and do a little bit of self-massaging. After that we went (STILL) (YUP!!!) for dinner before heading to Andrea's house. During midnight, the pain kicks-in (and I don't like pain-killer okay - just imagine the pain I endure); I can feel my knee extremely heaty and swollen. My sis & cousin helped me to massage but I guess they can't do much; and since I can still feel my leg, I thought it will go away the next morning (pretending macho lar).

Not wanting to take the risk, I told sis & cousin that we have to depart Penang by 7am the next day to avoid the traffic.
HAHAHHAA.... After all this... Am still the driver to drive the 4.5 hour journey back to Kuala Lumpur... (My sis has no experience driving in the high-way - long distance with trucks/lorries/trailers/fast speedy car before, my cousin is from Indonesia - NO experience on Malaysia road!).

My car is manual drive ie stick ie not auto ie have to press clutch. Sigh...

That's how end my Penang trip.

I operate my knee 1 week after (tore 50% of my ligament) in Gleneagles Hospital that cost a bomb to my company... hehheee.... BUT till now, am still lazy to do physio.

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Rafael Lam said...

Very beautiful Penang sunset!
Let me remember the beautiful sunset I've seen there!
That karate kid pose is so funny! But need to becareful... take care!

Wenny Yap said...

Oh dear Lily ... luckily it was already at the end of your trip to Penang. Hope your leg's healing well.

Btw, how come you did not report on the bump? I'm sure the trailer was in the wrong (from your sketch) ... the RM1500 should come from him!

Liudmila said...

The photos are as usually so nice! You are very brave to take them.

That is why I try to avoid to drive myself: I'm terribly afraid to have an incident. But you were brave to take it with great calm.

its simple love said...

I can't believe that he was angry at you but he hit you! That is a crazy story! Sorry you had to pay for it.


fufu said...

erm well... very dramatic :) but i will still go to penang again for the food...hohoho

Lily Riani said...

Rafael Lam,

agree - funny :D ehheheh

but no more next time. in fact am restricted to many activities now :(


i should have but the agony and time wasting to find a police station, reporting, waiting, taking pics, etc etc etc... and furthermore my cousin & sis will feel so guilty is just not worth it lor.


i was very agree at that moment but i dont want to spoil my cousin & sis's holidays, i told myself to remain calm. not fair to them.


i know... i too was wondering why is he scolding me instead... insane!


my life so interesting hor... dramaaaa sahaja. hahahah but it wont stop me for going to penang lor. this i agree. ehhehee...

Sympathy for the Devil said...

what a beautiful beautiful sky!!!

oh i'll be back later!!


Bananazą®‡ said...

Ouch sorry your Ip Man kick did not work out perfectly for you..take care..

Miles Of Style said...

awww i hope you're feeling well now Lili. do rest well and allow your leg to heal properly. sending you some get well soon hugzzz

Lily Riani said...


thanks :D


aiming to be but failed gloriously. hahahhaa....


since am lazy to do the physio, recovering is rather slow. but am ok, no worries.

Ai Shiang said...

The intense colours of that sunset really is creating one hell of a perfect picture! Captivating!

Lily Riani said...

ai shiang,

thank you. still learning.

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