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Torturous Bootcamp for Partners

Day 1 (28 February 2008). . Food go DOWNHILL after 1st day lunch.

I wrote an entry for one of my favourite event I organized annually before HERE, one of the outdoor activities were held at Jelita Ostrich Farm whereby I did a Fear Factor cum Amazing Race activity (hehhehehe.... they were force to ride on ostrich/ search for the eggs in the bushes (releasing the ostrich at the same time!) PLUS eat the raw egg [apparently it's aphrodisiac] *wink wink*). Will blog about this later.

While searching for the next trip blog, I thought (in spirit of 1Malaysia), I should still blog on Malaysia and I thought this was the best and most hilarious one I did (not to forget I got scolding/warning from my bosses as well, ehehhe... Sorrrrry boss!).

I was to plan a partner bootcamp (as usual) and this time around they have picked Cameron Highland located in state of Pahang. The plan was...

Day 1
Morning - Depart to Cameron Highland
Noon - Check-in & Lunch
Afternoon - Workshop/Seminar
Night - 4x4 Ride & Jungle Barbeque Dinner

Day 2
Morning - Workshop/Seminar
Noon - Lunch
Afternoon - Boh Tea Plantation Trip & Silly-Billy Teambuilding
Night - Karaoke & Herbal Steamboat Dinner

Day 3
Morning - Reforestation & Mossy Forest
Noon - Lunch
Afternoon - Depart to Kuala Lumpur

The journey to Cameron Highlands is around 2 hours or so via coach, basically Cameron Highlands is located in Pahang at 5,000 ft (1,500 m) above sea level it is the highest area on the mainland, enjoys a cool climate, with temperatures no higher than 25 °C. It is famous for its cool weather and home to Boh Tea plantation. It was named after William Cameron, a British colonial government surveyor who discovered the plateau during a mapping expedition in 1885. OK, enough facts.

As usual, we start the day with workshop & seminar when all our business partners brain are still fresh to absorb our product "preaching" ehheheh... we also gave them workshop which they need to complete by group effort. Let's skip the workshop part and go straight to the night part... ehhehee....*cheeky laugh*.

Here's the thing, during our journey & lunch, I kept announcing to them that this is the best meal that will be serve after this it will go DOWNHILL.... and as usual - they thought I was lying (why should I lie about food right?!??!). They gather at evening around 6ish for a 4X4 ride, very very adventurous (for city people like us), the 4x4 took us around the vegetable farm around the hills, it was bumpy ride but we love it. They were wondering where are we taking them, I said "poppy field" since we are all in farmland, I told them that we gonna cook it to sell for extra cash.... hehhehehehee.... they all laughed. Well, ask stupid question, get stupid answer right?!

Then... jeng jeng jeng *sound effect*.... I took them to a camp area in the jungle for dinner (don't worry - it's a virgin jungle [above pic is not the jungle!??!]), of cause they were wondering why are they here instead of some fancy dinner restaurant. Hemmm....I DID tell them on the food going DOWNHILL right... well..... After a 10 min of "leisure climb", we reached a place with BBQ pits, I ask them to gather and announce.....

"Remember what I said on the food going downhill? Well, each team will be given one box of RAW food fully marinated PLUS all the necessary stuff for you to start a fire (fire starter, matches, charcoal etc). Each team to grill their own set and the team that can lit the fire fastest and prepare/ready the food first will win this challenge". Their faces? GAWKING.... What??? Never in any of my bootcamp activities they have to suffer before eating, HAHAHHAHAH......there's always the first time right!?! *EVIL*

They tried their level bestest to grill, some came with weirdest strategy of "fanning" the fire, those without proper BBQ pit suffered most as they need build the pit from scratch.... GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE... *again cheeky grin*. Strangely, most of my business partners kinda enjoyed it as they say it has been looooong since they done a rough & tough activities like this - not as pampered as I think they would be (BUT they haven't seen the following day itinerary yet...!?!? Wait till they see it! *GRIN*).

Hey! Am not that brutally nasty to them okay, I manage to call up the nearby orang asli (natives/aborigines) to perform a native dance for them plus as teaching them how to use as "sumpitan" (blowpipe with poison dart), all the male wanna have a try with it - felt WARRIOR like konon (yeah right guys!?!?!)

One funny incident was that during this orang asli (native/aborigines) performance, my internal folks was still busy BBQ-ing (in drizzling rain) and they poured beer on the meat (no worries, I didn't eat this lar of cause) and they claim it was super tasty to a point (SIGH...), they went to the other team's pit (they were watching the performance then) and stole their beef. NOT one piece but few from few teams... GOSH! MALUUUUU.... embarrass! but funny at the same time.

This is what I get for depriving them from food. Sigh...

Sarong, binocular, football - wanna know more?

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, Boh


Beach Vintage said...

What a pretty location.

its simple love said...

Oh my gosh! It is sooooo green there! Where I live, everything is brown. It is desert.


fufu said...

woohooo nice! can go to cameron!!! jealous! hohoho but nice team building activity :) btw got buy teh boh or not? ops i want bbq~

Lily Riani said...

Beach Vintage,

yes, most of the house on tudor and of english design.


yeah! if you are in malaysia, you must drop by this place.


bbq is yummy!!!! nope, no tea this time around :p

Miles Of Style said... looks beautiful and sooo green!

Tina said...

that all sounds so cultured and exciting. love the pics

rafi said...

is my first time to visiting your is a greats site and your informtion is very good, if you have a time come visiting me too, i hope we can make a friend in another story

Shingo T said...

I always thought Cameron was boring. But your pics are so proving otherwise.

Haha, I spotted Cheezels as snacks in the workshop/seminar photo. I SO LOVE CHEEZELS.

Lily Riani said...


its even nicer in real life, its very english there.


kinda. its fun too.


thanks for dropping by, i will definitely check out your blog.

shingo t,

it is abit boring, hence i have to come out weird funny stuff to keep them occupy.

MKL said...

I really regret never going to Cameron Highlands. It's so scenic and it's said to have great tea. Hope I bring Lily there one day :) Great pics, Lily, hehe.

Ai Shiang said...

I remembered my mom ate ostrich egg once long time ago. I didn't try. Did it taste like a normal egg?

Poppy plants are no stranger here. It might be viewed as "dadah" making ingredient but the flowers are pretty. They can be found in botanical garden and the seeds are used as garnish in sweets. Of course using it that way doesn't get your high after consumption.

PS: To answer your question, yes that pic of the cruise ship was taken by me. It's in HDR.

Lily Riani said...


lily can bring mkl & lily there. ehhehe...

ai shiang,

i only make the folks eat the raw egg, but not me...ehhehe....

oh really! i didnt know they put in sweets... wow.

ps : GREEEEAAAAATTTTT photos (as always)

Wenny Yap said...

I love teambuilding activities ... that's where we get to be all naughty ... hahaha!

Been years since I went to Cameron Highlands. I love the cool weather so much that I used to bugged my hubby to get a transfer there!

lechua said...

wahay interesting teambuilding u planned out...

Lily Riani said...


i so the agree. ahhahahaa... u shud revisit.


thank you. i tried :)

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