Thursday, September 30, 2010

Biqque's Disney Melody

My dear pretty Biqque
Hope you don’t fall sick

As I read your entry
That you wanna go oh so badly
To the Theme Park Disney
In the island of Hongkie

Chawanna done her booking
After weeks of searching
She had booked for 2 families
To see Mickeys and Minnies

Oh! Don’t feel sad
Nor be mad
I have a suggestion
To make you be glad

Have you heard of Tokyo’s Disney?
Disneyland? NO siree!
Instead, DisneySea
The one and ONLY
Across the 7even seas

Go with cutie me?


BlueEwoke said...

hahahah siap ada lagu nih huhuuu feweitttttttttt

Biqque said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa i tot it just another disney-salt on my wound....but it's notttttttttttt!

aaawwwww...i'm touched...when can it be happened my dear? sob sob...

en_me said...

sonoknyerr nak gi disneylannd kanns.. ehehe

Lily Riani said...


tetiba rasa ada mood.


boleh but sakura season confirm cannot, i will be in korea.


yes.... disney memang bestest!

Shingo T said...

I love Disney Sea. The closing show at the sea featuring a mechanical moster is the BEST show I ever seen.

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

really, do give me tips on what to see there, there's high chances i might e going thr this december.

Miles Of Style said...

awwww soooo cute and adorable! i wanna be a little girl and go to Disney Sea now!!! =)

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