Monday, October 4, 2010

My dream k-x or k-r

I was reading Chawanna & Biqque blogged about their newly procured DSLR, I also jealous mealous lar ofcos... it has been my dream to own one (YES! Don't rub it in, I haven't gotten my baby DSLR yet! sob sob).

I posted this on my FB just weeks back but since now that everyone in the mood/mode, why not I too jump into the bandwagon (I figure, might as well lo...).
They kinda make me excited pulak. Hehheheee.... the power of blogging!

Crazy shit! I just soooooo LOVE the option! Pentax K-x - VERY COLOURFUL! VERY VIBRANT! VERY MOOOI!

What the #^&*....?!?!?? Might be running in your mind upon seeing this right? But believe it guys, this actual existed and guess what....

Am sooooo planning to get one! Well maybe not this exact model, NOOOOOOO!!!! Not because I will feel embarrass - NEVER (very proud in fact!). But because it is limited to 1000 unit ONLY and sold in guess where... Japan SA-HA-JA. It was launched early this year, there goes my hope. Sigh....

2nd option.... No way! Not because it's too manly (with the robot and all) but because it was launched last year. Lagi lar no chance for me... Japan is having conspiracy against me I think.

Sob sob..... guess what I have to settle for in order to be DIFFERENT?

The latest model just launched, and if I read it carefully.... this one runs on lithium batt... YEAY! The Pentax K-r.

Few features that I look forward to :
Toy Camera, Retro, Starburst, Fish-eye

They even have cooler playback :
Toy Camera, Monochrome, Retro, Color, High Contrast, Soft, Extract Color, Starburst, Sketch Filter, Water Color, Fish-eye, Pastel, Slim, Miniature, HDR, Posterization, Base Parameter Adjustment, Custom Filter

The rest of the spec :

That's it.......


Now, where's the link to Air Asia.....? hemm...

PS :
Biqque, that's why lar I mesti gi Nihongo
nih... I mengidam ni since last year okay!


Rafael Lam said...

Wow! Very colorful Pentax DSLR!
Do you want to get one?

J_on_tour said...

Does it come with a pair of sunglasses ? !!

fufu said...

omg...damn i wanna switch to pentax!!! lol

Biqque said...

patutlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i MEMANG kena gi japan (wah kena tu) sbb dah lama i NAK pegi frustrated la aritu! let's plan together for japan ya? maybe 6 bulan terakhir 2011?

daijoubu ne, lily-chan! watashitachi ga ittahouga iidesu! ganbatte!

Lily Riani said...


still in plann.. praying!


Hahhahaha..... you bet!


apparently the brand is not bad, but inmsia not popular as in otehr ctries.


i kene belajor ler apa maksud u tuh eehhehe.... if i dpt pegi end of this yr pung, i tetap gi again with you next yr! janji.

Unknown said...

Lily, go and pamper yourself therefore go and get it, it wil sure make you feel very happy one,, i reckon.

By the way, i am not into photography,but i like seeing nice pictures as well and this color babdy dslr pentax is so cool lah.

So don't worry about it ya go and get it if you feel go about it...

Life is short so they say,so dont wait go go go

Lily Riani said...


aww... you are sooo sweet. my friend said she cant take me seriously with funny looking camera but i told her this camera is very me. hence, i will take your advice adn GO GO GO and get myself one! Thanks!

axxa said...

get it now plssss!!!

Miles Of Style said...

these cams are sooooo damn cool! i've been wanting to invest in a good one and take up learning photography since some time ...i think you've just tipped me over with these colourful ones now, darling =)

Shingo T said...

Haha, I think these cameras will downplay your professionalism.

But it will be a great topic starter with fellow photography enthusiast.

There is only one Lily Riani in the world, show them your true colours, haha!

Lily Riani said...


i soo will!


get one please then we can be camera buddy!

shingo t,

i so LOOOOOVEEEE your last line. ehehhehehhe

the chirpy bird said...

OMG!!!!!!! I'm absolutely sold too! You gotta be kidding me!! Just LOVE this!
ox tash

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Wow LilY,

Those are colourful DSLRs! You getting one?

Beckerman Girls said...

OBBBSESSED....LIKE RAINBOW OBBSESSED!!! I don't think a camera could look any hottter or be more exciting!!! FABBB!
What a RAD post! kisses
xoThe Beckerman Girls

en_me said...

kalerfulnyerr.. ehehe

Lily Riani said...


come, lets join the club!


the unit only avail in Japan, planning a Japan trip soon.

The Beckerman Girls,

i absolutely love it too! i think US & EU is selling it.


tuh lar... jom lar beli.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

My oh my so colorful one, go grab one asap. tQ

TG said...

Lily has the same, only in white, and I love it!!! I don't like colorful, tho =.=

Wenny said...

Go grab one Lily ... fly to Japan if you have to! It'll be so YOU! said...

Wow I have not seen these. Amazing.

Lily Riani said...


yes yes yes... i really will.


i noticed too :D i have been pending on this as i want a lithium batt instead of AA. finally!


you read me soooo well.

beach vintage,

interesting huh! now photography looks cooler.

tata | bonitafood said...

Dang! They are way cool! This is my very time to see colorful DSLR. I hasn't got my DSLR too *always dreaming to have it hehehehe*. So, no worry, you got a friend here :D

illustration poetry said...

hello Pretty Lady!
sorry i have missed your posts!
are you still traveling?

what a fun post here... hmmm... would love to get one!

i wish you a beautiful weekend okay!


Lily Riani said...


lets get it together!


thankf for finding time to read my post. really appreciate it.

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