Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miaw Miaw si-Kuching

10 October 2010. Birdie is back.

I flew flew flew… like the beautiful Hornbill and reached the city of miaw miaw. KUCHING!

Okay! You might be wondering why the “miaw miaw bit”; a little language class - in Malay language, kucing means Cat thus Kuching is known as Cat City BUT I doubt it is because it’s cat inhabitant (didn’t see much too). It is actual famous for crocodile, orang utan and other Borneo animal which most of them close to extinction (Quick! Make a trip there fast!).

As it wasn’t a holiday trip hence I didn’t manage to roam around in Sarawak. Upon arriving I catch up with Kak Elvy and family (they transferred from Chiang Mai to Kuching, and obviously not that happy about it - I do agree with them here). Unfortunately for us the whole day was raining, so we just lepak (chill) at her house and eat and eat and eat (and played badminton). Only later at night we went out for dinner in town, that’s when I had my very first Sarawak Laksa. Yum yum.

, (yup… here’s the best part) I did manage to squeeze one day to walk (YUP! WALK, found out cab is kinda expensive here) around town, sad to say; most of the shop were close. Those that open did manage to make me part with my dollars though (good persuader).

To be fair, the Heritage Walk is very small PLUS most of the museums and shops were close, so; not much for me to share (good excuse for revisit!). I took a free shuttle from the hotel to Waterfront and took a stroll at the esplanade.

2 buildings that caught my attention was obviously the Astana and Dewan Undangan Negeri.

One can actually take a boat across but… lazy lar. Next trip when am on HOLIDAY mode perhaps.

Sooo… this lazy bump (referring to me of cause) decided to cross the street and go shopping instead. Hahhaaa…. Smart right? I know you'll agree with me.

You see, the great thing about states located in Borneo island (3 countries namely: Sabah & Sarawak belongs to Malaysia, Kalimantan belongs to Indonesia and one of the riches country - Brunei) is that the native/aborigines handicraft is unique and beautiful.

And this time around I shop with a purpose, jeng jeng jeng (my sound effect)…. I plan to do a give away on my next blog of things from Kuching and I hope to get something of it’s famous beads and Pua Kumbu design made famous by the Iban tribe (Sea Dayak). Nope! Not giving the guitar!

I walked around the India Street and saw a unique mosque located on a very small lane. Hemmm… Interesting.

Oh! This one was an eye-opening for me. Am sure it’s also available in other part of the world but let’s just let me brag abit huh :P. I saw the first KFC (I was very hungry and looking for food) in Sarawak run by speech & hearing impaired. WOW! Ordering was more of pointing to the menu, and they are super friend, dedicated and passionate. Oh! And by the way, it’s also a 24hrs outlet, provide FREE Wifi, serves Halal food (of cause lar) and accept credit cards. Changgih nye...

The I walked to 1874 Kuching courthouse and decided to snap a few pics.

Realized that wedding couples love taking pics here too.

Saw another wedding couple photo shot at the Post Office, spot the photographer?

Then of cause, if there’s India Street, there would definitely be Chinatown right?!

I was tired by then and decided to focus on buying a few kain pelikat (sarong/2mtr cloth) for my relatives from Indonesia (souvenirs when I visit them in January next year). Hemm... I seems to like almost every piece that the sales lady recommended. Argh…. Choices choices choices. Finally! These are the few I’ve selected. Hope they loike it!


Got my darling sis this ring and her “I heart Kuching” shirt.

Mommy asked me to buy the famous Kek Lapis Sarawak ie Sarawak Layered Cake. Apparently the flavour, colour, design and recipe is very very different and it is unique to this state only. Bought for her 3 rolls!

Me? Got meself fridge magnets… yeay! Not only that, gotten all major tribe magnets of Sarawak! Super proud this little collection.

Watch this blog for my give-away from Land of Hornbill - Sarawak.

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, Virtualtourist


Biqque said...

magnets comels!

Tina said...

you do go to some lovely places. The scenes are always so beautiful

Tina from Mummy Diaries

Emm said...

This post is fascinating! I never knew Borneo was divided between three countries! I love the gitar and the sarong cloth but my favourite of all was the fridge magnets. Lily, your posts really tug at my heartstrings and make me want to visit yur part of the world!

Lily Riani said...


thank yousss


thanks. kinda fortunate i guess.


you must come, i will take you around for few days.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Fascinating post...whistlestop tour. hey I like the idea of going into a foreign country & pointing at the menu... I wonder it that will take off in a big way !! I like the courthouse building, I can see myself with my camera in there for an hour. Not sure if you said if it was still used.... lets hope the couples don't have to re-visit there if things don't work out between them!! Lastly, nice little family that you picked up travellers, we share an interest in collecting fridge magnets.. ahem, I can't see my fridge anymore....oh sorry, I can see the handle!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Looks like a very interesting place to visit. Hope you're having a good weekend...

Lily Riani said...


i too like the courthhouse building, i spend there the longest. will include my FB page next post for viewing. AHAHHAHHAA..... i pray the couples have happy marriage till death do them part. we should do fridge magnets swap then! :D


no problem, it was nice reading your blog and thanks for dropping by too.

Beach Vintage said...

Thanks for the mini tour and information! Fascinating.

Winnie's Wardrobe said...

Amazing photo's! Looks like you had a fantastic time :)

xx Winnie

fufu said...

the post office so grand... much better than saigon one!! and well the fridge magnets ---> cute!

Lily Riani said...

Beach Vintage,

you are most welcome.


thanks, i did even for a day. :D


i very very the agree. ehehheh... i like the FM as well. cute hor.

Miles Of Style said...'re sooo lucky to get to go to places as beautiful as this! i love that pic of the looks so calm n serene! and those colourful !! do they taste as good as they look?

MKL said...

Well, Sarawak is definitely on my list, possible Sabah. I know two bloggers from Kuching, would be fun to meet up. I wonder, do you know, which city is bigger, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu? Which one would you prefer to visit?

Arti said...

Beautiful post... The rites and the buildings look fabulous:)

Arti said...

Beautiful post... The rites and the buildings look fabulous:)

Lily Riani said...


yes, it taste yummy!!!!


sarawak state is MUCH bigger but sabah have more to offer for tourist. i highland recommand sabah for you :D


thanks for dropping by. appreciate your lovely comment.

MKL said...

Thanks you :) I always subscribe to follow-up comments, so you can just reply to me here :)

Sandra said...

Hi Lily. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog earlier. You really did make my day! I have replied but I thought I'd come here too, just incase you didn't see it. You have a really interesting blog here! You might like to visit Pownall Chronicles - She also travels the world and that blog is about those travels - but she also has an art blog called Art of a Nomad where you can see her sketches from her travels too. Thanks again for your visit :0)

Martina said...

Hi Lily, gorgeous post here - so fun to read about your adventures. I'll follow you as well!

Lily Riani said...


ooo.... ok, worried earlier. :D thanks.


gee! thanks for taking time to visit my blog. i will definite checj her out, thanks for the recommendation. muaks! :)


thanks dear, appreciate it!

Kellie Collis said...

The magnets are so adorable! And the ring is gorgeous - you're sister's going to love it! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

George said...

Thanks for the interesting tour and information.
Thanks, too, for visiting my site.

Lily Riani said...


thank you for your kind comments, yes my sis love it :D. DO drop by next week as I have a give-away install for everyone.

thanks for dropping by too.


hope the info is good. thanks for dropping by. :)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

i looooove kuching so much esp the food!!!

Ann said...

Nice post...

The place looks really interesting and so many good souvenirs:)

Kasia_B said...

Oh I love traveling! Great post!! And thank you for your sweet comment! :)


Lily Riani said...


yeay! finally a blog from you. seafood in kuching cheap huh! i will be having a give-away in next blog, do drop by.


appreciate you comment and yes, kuching have alot to offer. do come over and visit malaysia.


another travelholic. thats great! thanks for dropping by, do revisit this blog as i will be having a give-away in the next entry.

Rick said...

You certainly ARE the well traveled one.

Lily Riani said...


i hope so, and pray it doesnt stop :D

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