Saturday, October 9, 2010

ReFORESTation @ Mt. Brinchang

Day 3 (2 March 2008). DOOM!

I spoke to the Cameron Highlands locals as well as Malaysia Nature Society on the activity that I am interested in =
REFORESTATION. We did s small sum of donation as well as planting the trees on the hill of Cameron Highlands. My only concern was...

1. Will the journey to the reforestation are be far?
2. How high do we need to climb?

They : "Very easy to climb, 15-20 mins for you reach the top"

I : "Oh! Ok! Then I don't need to recce"
They : " No need lar"

We woke up and took a drive up, it was ok, no issue. Then the 4X4 stopped and that's when we saw it... DAMN HIGH & DAMN STEEP. What was I thinking, at that moment I knew I am sooooo DOOM, me bosses will be "sounding" me off very very VERY SOON. Of which, they did lar.... :p Ops!

I still remember one funny incident, I have low blood hence climbing on highlands is tough as the air gets thinner as you move upwards and with my sinus, I can practically breath normally. Don't forget my stamina, well... lets not talk about my weaknesses ;-) hahahaa...

Hemm.... I saw one my "overweight" partner having difficulty in climbing and in heart I was thinking "GREAT! Hopefully he say he can't climb that high and wishes to stop half way and return to our jeep" (praying and hoping like mad here okay!). As he approaches me (we were the last 3 of the "tribe"), I asked "You wanna rest here and go back to the jeep *hinting LOUDLY*?". Guess what????? "NO! If everyone can do it, I am sure I can!"... ARGHHHHH.... means I too have to climb, after all organizer can't u-turn right?!?! HAHAHHAAA..... climb I must!

We did reach the top and everyone enjoyed the fresh air and the little morning climb we did, we planted trees which make us feel really good & proud serving MOTHER NATURE.

How long did we take 45mins-1 hour. And the locals said 15-20mins... but of cos, they ARE LOCALS!

Next time...

LOCAL = 15-20mins
CITY FOLKS = 45mins-1hour

LOCAL = easy
CITY FOLKS = HARD!!!!! and TOUGH!!!!

Having said that, it was FUN!!!!!!

Have you experienced anything similar?


Rafael Lam said...

Great reforestation activity!
Hiking is also a good exercise for you, haha!

Kasia_B said...

Sounds and look great! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)


Shingo T said...

Never done reforestation before.

Loved the story. Haha, I can imagine your expression when your plus size partner refuse to back down and return to the jeep.

But hey, at least this is something meaningful. You deserve a great cup of ice mocca, Lily!

Lily Riani said...


agree on exercise just that i hv no stamina. sigh...


thanks dear.

shingo t,

yeah lor... anyway, i try on inject CSR activities on most of my partner bootcamp. good recognition and they enjoyed it.

Emm said...

Ha ha! That reminds me of the saying "country mile". Never go for a walk with an Englishman because they will say it is only a mile and you will walk for hours!! I once walked for about two hours around St Albans, north of London on such an adventure.

I love your photos and I love that you were doin such a noble thing!

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

It may surprise you but, I don't walk as much as I used to. This sounds like noble and valuable work. In the mountainous areas of the UK, we have voluntary footpath repairers who move large stones. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time for doing that !!! J

Lily Riani said...


gee thanks. i will take note on the country mile if i ever go to UK again :D


wow! i would like to suggest that to the society/clubs in malaysia - footpath repairers. i think it's a great idea.

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