Sunday, October 10, 2010

Land of Hornbill

Tweet tweet. Reporting from KLIA.

Am blogging from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) on Saturday - 9th October (the line was pretty week...arghh!!!).

While waiting for my much delayed flight to The Land of Hornbill - Yup! Am going to Sarawak - but not for holidays though, for work instead. Sigh....

Later to Sabah - The Land Under The Wind during this mid week.

It will be A VERY hectic week but am hoping to get some interesting stuff and probably can do a little give-away. So guys.... keep yourself posted on this blog yah.

p/s : Those that have me FB, probably can view the pics much earlier.


Miles Of Style said...

happy travels lady globetrotter! i wish my work would take me to far away exotic places too :P

p.s don't forget to enter my new giveaway contest!

Miles Of Style said...

happy travels lady globetrotter! i wish my work would take me to far away exotic places too :P

p.s don't forget to enter my new giveaway contest!

eugene said...

So evious of you,,, by the way do take care of yourself ya, rest well,eat well,take a lot of fluid,weahter is erratic lah..

looking forward to your updates ya.

{ Vintage by LOU LOU } said...

Hiya there - what a fascinating blog! So happy that I've stumbled upon it and love the fact that you lurvvve to travel. Off to discover more.
Lou xx

Lily Riani said...


will do as soon as i reach home as the access here is intermitten, despite i tried to replied few blogs, the site just hang and i need to reboot.


thanks :D so sweet of you and absolutely love you profile pics. i envy you and your wife lar.

lou lou,

thanks so much, do read more as i might have giveaways on local handicraft item.

Kellie Collis said...

Sounds like a great adventure! You're very lucky that your job allows you to do what you love the most. Kellie xx

love is colder than death said...

oh, i envy you... :)))

Lynda said...

It sounds lovely even though it's work! :)

~ Lynda

Lily Riani said...


thanks and thank you for dropping by my blog.


i envy your talent too :D


i guess to a certain extend am quite fortunate.

fufu said...

damn i so wanna go to sarawak...especially mulu caves :) well will definitely go check out your pictures later XD

Emm said...

What a gorgeous creature! I can't wait to see your photos of some - did you see any??

Lily Riani said...


sigh.. me too despite that am scared of slimmey places.


unfortunately am on business trip hence i didnt manage to travel around except the city.

Rafael Lam said...

Have a nice trip and good luck!

Re: Thanks Lily Riani, you can find "Capoeira Ligeira" in youtube!

Liudmila said...

Oh my god! I was not blogging for so much time that I did not read many of your posts! It's my fault! Very interesting! I just read all of them.

These photos are so splendid! Specially the first. It is similar to those of National Geographic! You are so brave, Lily!

This bird has any fear to fly so in an airport!

Gallivanter said...

Work or otherwise, when in Borneo, it's difficult not to have a great time! :-D

Miles Of Style said...

happy travels darling...can't wait for you to get back and give us the details...i have the perfect name for your biography : the memoirs of a globetrotter ! =)

Lily Riani said...


thanks dearie, will search for it.


i was from another person;s blog, i didnt manage to go to the wildlife sanctuary. sob sob...


i soo agree, unfortunately its a biz trip.


thank you dearie!

MKL said...

Awesome photos, Lily :) I loike!

Lily Riani said...


thanks but i downloaded it from site :P

Shingo T said...

I love the colorful Hornbill. ^_^

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