Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sarong Football Boys‏

Day 2
(1 March 2008). Have you seen such silliness?

I kid you not when I tell you that I CAN be weird & wacky effortlessly. You see, every bootcamp I like to do something VERY different as compare to the previous and the graft must move upwards not the other way around (DRAMA right!). I was cracking my brain like crazy on what to do, how to execute and what to play. I mean, after all, we are on the highlands with ONLY vege-farm and forest. I can't take them hiking as 3D2N trip would not be sufficient plus it was a raining season then.

After putting much thought on how to "bully" my partners, researching and discussing with other marketers/ googling websites / reading game books, I finally combined few ideas into one. MUAHHAHAHAH..... *evil laugh*.

1st - TREAT!

After the seminar & lunch (as usual), we took them to Boh Tea Plantation tea house to view acres and acres of tea plantation while sipping tea & eating scones. Very relaxing indeed (hehehe.... they didn't know the evil plan yet!?!?), then I rush them to the bus for a trip to the team-building site. They were still happy and chatty as usual, once we arrived; they saw the small field (still chilling here, not on panic mode yet) of which I get them to line up according to their group. Obediently they follow the instruction (so far so good, hemm...), THEN.... we brief them on the first game (2 games only anyway - easy peasy).


We told them that since half of the folks attending are techie people (and the other half is sales), we thought the challenge should be somewhat techie and "refreshing". They were asked to go to each corner of the field where we have lay down boxes, the boxes are stuffed with bicycle parts for them to ASSEMBLE within 20 MINS (they were bragging that this is easy and they can definitely do it! Yeah right!).

This is the best time to see how their "brain & skill" works. HAHAHHAHAAA... the result = we have people who installed the handle, the break, the peddle WRONGLY, gosh... you will be so "amaze" and "impress". And generally (as usual!??!?!) all the big boys wanted to "show-off" their miserable talent, and the result hahhaah...... *I let your imagination wonder*

That's not it, once completed; the team leader must ride on the bicycle ( to ensure that all in working condition) as fast as possible and the organizer (moi!) will keep the timing. And by now, you can guess what happened here right? Tumbled the min the sat on it, fell upon one peddle/stroke, unable to maneuver the bicycle etc etc etc. Anyway, at the end of the team building; we sent the bicycle to the shop to get it properly fix and donated to the nearby school for unfortunate kids. We had fun and the kids happy! WIN-WIN! Yeay!


Interesting combo? We told them that they will be playing football BUT BUT BUT.... jeng jeng jeng *my usual sound effect*, they must wear a SARONG (somesort of a wrap around pario). They went like ..."WHAT?!!?!?!??!"... We all laughed, the "STILL" obediently partners followed the instruction, once they are more or less ready, they start to discuss and strategize. Who to be the mid-fielder, who will do attack, goal keeper, striker etc etc.... VERY VERY HYPE UP!

"WAIIIIIIITTT!!!!!, you forgot this" showing them a kiddy's binocular

"WHATTTTTTTTT!!!" they shrieked!

You see, it''s hard enough to play football with a piece of cloth wraping around you at ankle length, now with binoculars?!!?! MEANING, they can't even gauge the distance of the ball and NATURALLY they kept kicking AIR (half the time falling down at the same time - sarong maa).... HAHAHAHHAA... they looked sooo comical. I laughed so hard that I think I pee-ed....hahahaa....

Since we did a round-robin, they all got to play and be laughed at (or laughing at others). Hilarious - you must try this. I actually got this game in youtube from a Korean game show, check it out HERE.

Despite them cursing me silli-ly, laughingly AND lovingly, they had great fun!

Hyperlink credit : Youtube


Biqque said...

hahahaha playing football in sarung with binoculars ARE fun!!! kicking the air tu mmg expected la, KAHKAHKAHKAH!

Lily Riani said...


you try ler lain kali... best giler.

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