Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 3 | Things To Do In Johor Bahru

I just found out that I have Ergophobia. It is very serious apparently, it hit me unexpectedly since Sunday and out of sudden too. Sometimes it is also intentionally lead by me and obviously I can't control it. But today, I tried hard to fight it, do remember it has no CURE (for me at least). Some might know this well (or too well) and for those who don't, I think it is only fair for you to know what is Ergophobia. Well... Ergophobia is actually FEAR OF WORK! Hhahahahhah.... for me (TODAY), it's work=work I feared (ie office work). And of cause blog work as well lar.... liat gilos!

But a blogger have to do what a blogger have to do (especially us travelholic blogger, hahahah.... POYO!). So, here I am... forcing and sparing this little window of tiny opportunity that I have before my Ergophobia find it's way to me (yet again, GILER DRAMA). I shall continue to blog on my entry of Day 3 in Johor Bahru (macam ler gi Europe... Ek elllaaaa).

Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru located on Jalan Datuk (as if I know specifically, this is definitely with the help of Mr. Google ok!) and have 2 sports front; we passed by this area by accident and was fascinated with the bright yellow coloured tower againts the clear blue sky with coconut tree swinging to the music of Tebrau Straight breeze (amboi, over sentence nih). As usual, we stopped and took few snapshots. Happy blogger!

Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque positioned between Jalan Abu Bakar/Jalan Masjid Abu Bakar/Jalan Gertak Merah, constructed from 1892 with Moors & Victorian/British touch. It set itself on a pristine hill facing the Tebrau Straight. Serious cantek....
It is open for public but this Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque is not open for non-Muslim though, if I am not wrong it's operating hours for visitor is from 10am - 6pm from Saturday to Thursday except during prayers time. Having said this, do check prior to visiting.

Next... Johor Zoo. Obviously I AM MORE EXCITED then my nieces. Really...!!! Tak tipu! Hahhah..... I got us all the same theme shirts by the way.. Miss Sunshine & Mr Happy. Got it in Singapore the day before.
The zoo is not that big but ok lar for tourist like us. We didn't do the whole round but the girls rode the pony instead... I can't for very obvious reason, DON'T ASK!!! MENCI!

Seriously Fatin, the hourse aren't even galloping, drama giler mengejar.

Maira's turn for the ride....

Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Palace Museum and yes, this too was built in the 1800s. Till then, I never knew Johor have this many old buildings... and the best thing is that the government maintains it very very extremely well.

I honestly did not enter this museum as we kinda ran over time but I do and must revisit Johor again. Trust me!

As we were finding our way out, we found an abandon building and this unique tree, I am CLUELESS of the type, hence if you have any knowledge to share.... PLEASE DO.

This is the close up version. Pretty huh...

It bears fruit too... doubt it's edible... but still am curious. Aren't you?

Last building that we visited, this is an interesting piece as well; it's Johor's Sultan Ibrahim Building, it's the state government building. This too was build in good old days of 1940 thus the architecture is different yet again from other states government buildings in other states.

Then we decided we had enough and time constraint too (after all, it's a 4.5hours journey back to Kuala Lumpur), we call it a day in Johor and head back to Kuala Lumpur city centre. But but but......



Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Ok jom ke johor utk trip runcit2 hehehe

Ren said...

penah masuk tak muzium tu? best kan! Rimau, gajah, Singa buaya awet semua ada kekeke

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

apa yang melekat melekap kat benda kuning tuh?????????? huahauhauaua

PaE said...

arghhhh maluuuuuu.. i dok jb pun x penah gi zoo tu. hehehehe selalu denga org kate x best and mase kecik2 dulu selalu gi zoo melaka (lebih best)katenyer la.

Dataran tu kalau malam lagik hapening. tepi dataran ada steambot. cheap one la.

X gi senibong ker? not bad place to eat seafood ^_^.. kompom kat kl banyak tempat lagik best. huhuhu

John717 said...

ok dah komen dalam hati (..........)

Ely Hasrul said...

the best thing u describe johor cam europe okeh! haha nice pic and suddenly i realize i mcm u wic is excited dr anak buah esp kalu pg tmpt2 gini! kalu g bukit melawati tgk monkey pon i lenbeh excited dari sami haha

kemang~ said...

cantik nye gambo ! kamera yg mane satu ni??

Anash said...

feeling2 baca blog gi europe tau!!
apa planning nih awal april???

Lily Riani said...


seriously, johor byk bende tau... i dont mind gi cover johor SHJ. bersih lak tuh.

rain (ceh wahh...),

tak masuk... besh ke ish! nak gi again.


stciker 3D yg nala nye besau... HAHHAH

Lily Riani said...


next time kene calling calling... before taht, you btr learn and know JB by heard ok! HAHHAH.... stress dak?


komen di dengari dgn halus & senyap nye


if kite berdua gi, haru giler nye... sure bebudak tgk dgn maha blur

Lily Riani said...


dah reply in ur blog, its canon ixus870. camera lama cos entry lama. ehheheh


first week of april then. kite jd tourist malaccan yek

Cawan said...

rasenye kalo bapak Aqilah yg naik ponny tu larat dak? ha haa.. saje nk jimat naik ramai2, tong2 laa..

Lily Riani said...


pony pon poning if taht happen, sure badan di bentuk "U" nnt. hahhaha

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