Friday, March 30, 2012

TRAVELHOLIC | Misi Suci, Misteri Sekinchan

Personal (konon) translation :
Holy Mission, Mysterious Sekinchan
(Hemmmm..... sounded farnie in English though, heheheh...)

Us travelholicawesome are going on a #roadtrip tomorrow (Saturday - 31 March), journey starts early in the morning. Well.... I lied, not that early, but early enough for Danny though. Hahhahha..... Oh yah! Danny will not be joining us, sob sob...... I guess it means there would be more pics for Janggel lar kot kan.... *wink*. So, as you can guess, it would not be the full group this time around.

Anyway, if you want to know more, wait for our Misi Suci, Misteri Sekinchan blog entry on Day 1/Part 1/ Episode 1 entry, coming soooooon!

Participating bloggers (hyperlinked) :

Others :
MasZuber is on traveling mode to India & Kashmir, Danny will be at ..... (secret), Byya checking into her office on Saturday.


Ren said...

Wow kalerpul!!!!

just.HY said...

kbai.... sob sob sob

Anash said...

gigih le wehh!!!

Biqque said...

yg pasti, "propaganza satay pak ein" SEMUA kena gi ok!

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