Friday, September 18, 2015

Back to nature : Sumiran Eco Camp, Kuching

Towel – Check
Sunblock – Check
Sport attire – check
Sport shoes – Check

Am all set. Back to nature.

When I saw the word ‘eco camp’, I go “hemmm…. Let’s google this place and get myself mentally (and physically) prepared” so say one who hates pacat. Being a good sport (and not wanting to be a dolly), I packed all sort of ointment to ‘prevent’ pacat-invasion and to my relieve, no pacat to be found (tak lembab and bersih giler kot! Pacat pun ‘don’t feel at home’ kat sini. Hahhahahhahahaaa). Upon investigating on Sumiran Eco Camp (bukan Dikin seorang jer terrer investigate tau [rasa dia baca tak blog entry nih?]), I found out they have this 3 activities that I dearly love – flying fox, trekking and kayaking. So here’s my plan, I’ll start with trekking, followed by flying fox and lastly kayak. I even plan to be as kiasu possible, ie: being the first fox flying, keh keh keh… 

Yeah! None of my plan materialized, I do have ample time to experience at least 2 of the activities but my body was against it. Screaming no. For a simple reason :

1. Excitedly the Sumiran Eco-Camp team yells “ZUMBA!!!!”
OK, I never tried Zumba before but from the sound of it, anything that starts with ‘Z’ and rhymes with ‘Pumba’ (Pumba = fat) is never good. True enough… it’s similar to aerobic with latino music at a faster beat, we felt our body were vandalized after the first song; drenched with salty jantan sweat #eh. Woe betide, that first song…. was NOT our last song. Every time we finished one dance, they say one more (tak kan nak stop sebab tadi kata nak sporting kan, excuse pacat tak boleh digunakan sebab semut pun we all tak nampak).

We were served with the most delicious Laksa Sarawak, apparently Sumiran Eco-Camp is also involve in catering business. Talk about family unity in Koperasi. Respect.
Little did we know… the yummeh Laksa Sarawak was a bait.

2. “You guys have been divided into 3 groups”
Eh!!! Apa pulak ni? What group? What activity? 
“You guys will be playing FUTSAL!!!!”. The guys were ecstatic (masa nil ah tunjuk and buktikan kejantan mereka!) and the girls; nonchalant. 
The biggest joke was went the organiser announcing “You guys will be playing futsal in a SARONG!”. We burst into laughter, this is so going to be fun. I have to give Sumiran Eco-Camp credit for planning and keeping us pump up, one after another, all great fun.
You know what? Fun is an understatement, we have Nuar holding the ball instead of kick the ball (aside from him taking selfie while guarding the goal post, and being the funniest referee), kain terlondeh tak yah cerita lah kan, Kak Puteri the undefeated futsaler (Maradona pun kalah hokkay) and obviously, the failed Mexican Wave.

3. “Tutup lubang! Tutup lubang”
Telematch can be fun, but this one is not just fun, challenging and weird too. I felt like I have been teleported to one of those Korean/Japanese game show or something. We each got a multiple hole pipe where we need to fill it up with water and get the ping pong ball out. The task is to ensure the pipe’s bottom are sealed, and all the holes on the side are closed (obviously using our fingers lah kan), and to our joy, Mawardi volunteered his tummy as the pipe “sealer”. As we fet on with the task, we can hear “sakit perut, tutup lubang, sikit lagi, jangan tekan and jangan dok ambek gambar, tolong tutup lubang ni”. All these while screaming and laughing like a lunatic. Giler-giler jugak yek media nih.

Upon completing the activities (no, my team lost), we were allowed to try out the flying fox, kayaking and trekking. Well, this fox ain’t flying dude, penat kot! Hahahhaaa…
Sumptuous dinner was served and karaoke kicks in, bonfire were lighted, stargazing conducted. Nothing was short of fun here at Sumiran Eco-Camp, they were professional and yet fun, not to mention great working attitude. Kudos.

Price stated is for local Sarawakian.

Accommodation Type 
6 Person Hostel
4 Person Tent

Flying Fox
Adventure Trail
Futsal Field
Volleyball Field
Mountain Bike Trail
Natural Water Confidence

Price stated is for local Sarawakian. 

Teambuilding (corporate)
Leadership & Prefect Training
Family Day Retreat & Birthday
Zumba Outdoor

Basic Facilities
Convenient Store
Shower Room and Toilets
Clean Water

Sumiran Eco-Camp
Jalan Rantau Panjang
off Jalan Batu Kawa
93400 Kuching
Email :
Facebook :

Encik Sudaryo Osman
Camp Chief
Tel : +6012 8811952

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