Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tanto Norra, Stockholm : My Winter Wonderland.

Planning a winter trip is tough.

The idea was to travel during cold hash winter to the northern most region – Scandinavia; covering Norway, Sweden and Finland. However, upon reaching our first city; snow was everywhere as expected, in fact, the whole park was covered with white powdery snow and yet I still don’t feel ‘it’, I can't feel 'it'. Where’s my ‘it’?

Have you ever felt hungry and craving for food, but when you finally have it, it did not hit the satisfaction level you imagined (macam ada benda yang tak kena, tak puas). Then you kept buying and eating, and stuffing with all types of food but still, it did not meet the mark, a mark that even you don’t know. You kept feeling frustrated, you disappoint your tummy, your taste pallet, your craving. Lepas tuh bebal, naik angin, semua tak kena. Well, that was the same feeling I had when we landed in Oslo, looking and searching for my ‘IT’. Justifying to myself, this IS it, accept and enjoy the trip. Not that easy, let me tell you that. 

Braving and ‘pujuk-ing’ myself to enjoy Oslo, forcing myself to take a few beautiful shots (which I personally think it wasn’t, yet hoping it is), I succumbed and settled with what's given. This is Oslo, this is my Scandi trip (finally), this is my Winter Wonderland. Hell NOT!

Little did I know, Allah SWT have something in store for me, a better plan, a better IT. And I will forever thank him for that, am blessed.

It started with us arriving at Stockholm from Oslo, my second trip here, not thoroughly overjoyed but I am cool with it. I have a few to do list, places and things I would like to cover and buy. I guess a 3 days 2 nights fit me pretty well. I do have one worry though, the hostel we booked is slightly out of the way, unlike other cities we booked, we were able to walk everywhere, anytime but not here; in Stockholm. With both iPhone and a hardcopy map, we should be able to find our hostel quickly and hopefully easily. Luck is not on our side.

It was far (kinda), it took a while for us to get our bearing right when we resurface, the overnight ride and the cold weather wasn’t exactly easing our frustration. We finally found the junction that led to the hostel but after a long tiring walk, the hostel was still no where to be seen. Anger kicks-in, for me at least. Until…

... this beautiful sight. My winter wonderland. At last.

This became my favourite street, my park, my everything.
Park covered with snow, leafless tress, and morning rays. Bliss.

We bumped into Tanto Norra, some sort of a garden. It must be really beautiful in spring I bet.

Tanto allotment gardens
Tanto Norra allotments were established in the early 19th century to help the poor grow their own food during the crisis -  famine, world war, and food-rationing crisis. Now, Tanto Norra consist of 93 allotments. These allotment gardens at Tanto are dotted with perfectly cute red, yellow and green cottages and dapper sheds above Årstaviken bay on Södermalm. The best time to visit is end August when the allotment holders put on a harvest festival. The gardens are part of Tantolunden park.

So, was the walk long and far (from the Tunnelbanna)? NO, frustration makes a 10 mins walk feels like an hour. Ahaks.

I will definitely come back, Zinkensdamm.
This time in summer, where I will roam, laze and bath under your beautiful sun.

This is where we stayed. 

Blog : #TravelTips | Zinkensdamm Hostel - Where I stayed in Stockholm

Zinkensdamm Hostel
Zinkens väg 20
SE-117 41

Tel : +46 8-616 81 10 / +46 8-616 81 00

Take the red line southward towards Fruängen or Norsborg. Get off at station Zinkensdamm. Cross Hornsgatan and follow Ringvägen straight ahead. Turn right on to Zinkens väg after the sports field (about 200 meters) and follow the road to the end. 

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saerah80 said...

I'm officially jealous...this is my dream trip! Can't wait to read more....

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