Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chinese fishing net at Fort Cochin

No cities.
No shopping.
Just my net,
My sunset,
And me.

I’m a very simple person.
As long as there’s sunrise and sunset in my travel itinerary, am a happy girl (singing to Pharrell Williams’s  Happy).

I lied.
I got the architecture, the art, the culture, the people, AND the sunset, all in Fort Cochin. And it was as good as paradise (not that I have been to one). I did browse thru on Fort Cochin and I decided to only focus on one thing, the Chinese fishing net. More intrigued by the name than the net itself (why is it called Chinese but located in India?!! #confuse), here I learnt that there is 2 versions of the story of its origin; it was introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He, while the other version said that it was introduced by Portuguese Casado settlers from Macau. Whichever the version is, am glad it made its way to Fort Cochin which later on begin a great tourist attraction.

Alfonso de Albuquerque was granted the permission by the Rajah of Kochi back in 1503 after helping Cochin fought against Saamoothiri of Kozhikode and it remained in Portuguese possession for 160 years. Later came in the Dutch and captured Fort Cochin and remained under them for 112 years, before the British took control. With this great colourful history, coupled with a rich blend of culture that intertwine for more than 2 centuries, it is no surprise that when one takes a stroll here, the presence of past are strongly felt, the air of opulent antiquity swept.

First, I strolled by the beach looking for the ideal spot before the sun sets in, little did I know, the daytime view is not as ‘beautiful’. The beach was filled with seaweed, according to the local it is depending on the season. It is not always presence. So, tak pe lah kot kan…

Bump into street stalls where I was captivated with handcrafts and felt in love with some of the door knobs, was thinking of getting one each but my practicality and rationalization kicks in, reasoning out that my luggage can’t handle more than what it has. As you have guessed, I regretted till now. Sigh… Sometimes impulse purchase should just take charge, and gamble with the consequences.

Vasco da Gama; a name often heard, being the first European to reach India by sea thus linking Europe and Asia via the ocean route. He is a Portuguese explorer during the peak of colonial periods that was once buried in St Francis Church also the oldest European church in India.

I hunted for a good spot to capture the sunset view like those I saw on google site and postcards, none of the place I got fits the desired visual I had in mind, until I started to chat with one of the fisherman, this your gentleman offered for me to sit at his fishing stilt. Doubt at first, I gave in and nodded as I wanted so much to take the sunset pics and I got it. As I was leaving the place feeling rather happy and satisfied, the gentleman asked for ‘tip’ (lahhhh…. Kena bayar ke?), well…. I paid lor, nasib baik puas hati hehheheheee….


I got my ferry ride here *smile*.

Can you see the Chinese fishing net? Well, apparently there is a sunset cruise for you take a better photo here. Google lah...

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Ruggedmom com said...

Cantiknya gambar sunset dengn jala tuh.

I rasalah kan, bila Portugis diserang di sini dia lari ke Melaka, bila Belanda diserang dia lari ke Melaka jugak. Yang Portugis di Melaka tu lari ke tempat lain pulak. Sama juga dengan British.

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