Friday, September 25, 2015

#TravellingBeruang takes Taipei

I have so much to share.
But I lost all my photos.

Just my luck.

These are are photos from my phone, thank goodness it is decent enough for me to share (lap peluh).

I was tasked to embarked in a journey of helping Adek Mimi, an adorable seven-year-old battling cancer. She was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2012, she is now at Stage 4 of her illness.

#TravelingBeruang / #TravellingBeruang
The Travelling Beruang campaign was created to increase awareness towards cancer and raise funds for Malaysian children diagnosed with cancer. Like other children, these young cancer patients too have dreams to see the world, but are unable to, due to their circumstances. This campaign aims to bring the world to them, via a travelling teddy bear, which will be travelling the world on their behalf. Travelling Beruang Campaign was launched to encourage our community to help children with cancer in Malaysia. Sales of these bears will be channelled to Tabung Travelling MAKNA. Your contribution will make a difference in their lives.

I am the bearer of a little child’s dream to travel the world. As he/she has cancer, so I travel in his/her place. Would you be my travelling companion as we realise this child’s dream?
  • Bring me to anywhere you like
  • Take pictures with me
  • Upload our pictures on your social media page with #travellingberuang

May our adventures bring meaning to others. Let’s be best of friends.

I decide to take #TravelingBeruang with me to Taiwan for a short trip, having been to Taipei before, I decided that this time around I shall cover few places that is new to me. One of it being the National Theater and Concert Hall, and as usual, traveling unprepared has been quite consistent of late I gambled to visit this place after my training. I have to give Taipei two thumbs up lar when it comes to transportation efficiency, precision is the keyword here. And to top it off, National Theater and Concert Hall is right at the Metro Stop, no walking, searching, wondering (and wandering) required (kalau sesat jugak agak kagum lah).

Open spaces and big buildings easily awe me, and this place gave me the same feel. I immediately felt affectionate to this majestic place, with a small parks at its compound, you see the locals strolling with kids, some dating, joggers sweating their work stress, and some even having a ‘quiet me time’ and just drown in the presents. Strangely I felt connected, a sense of belonging here as I greet the locals in Mandarin. One thing impresses me and I set down staring was the school kids using the huge place to study and practice, practice their dance steps (KPop sangat). I guess this is where I felt connected, the ‘practicing-dance-step’ bit. I smiled as I watch them, at the same time reminiscing my school days. The CHS folks would know what I meant *wink*.

I snapped a few shots here and there with #TravellingBeruang, did a few videos and start hunting for the signages that indicate history in brief of each building. (besar jugak tempat ni, berpeluh-peluh). Despite the sun was setting and glooming cloud welcoming the evening darkness, I tried my best to snap all the places and it turned out perfect (at least to me lar).

Not wanting to miss out anything on Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, I decided to walk and climb up, look easy and simple but it was superbly tiring, either that or I am superbly unfit (the latter sounds right).

Due to the limited time and the place is closing for the date, I have to leave this majestic historical place (sadly). I knew I will definitely do a repeat here, as it is, this was my second trip here *smile*.

I hope the #TravelingBeruang enjoyed the sightseeing as much as I did (and Mr. Beruang got educated too).

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Wilson Ng said...

I didn't manage to visit this place during my visit to Taipei. Maybe I should visit again next time.

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