Friday, August 26, 2016

Banyuwangi | Ketapang Indah Hotel is simply perfect!

It was a much needed rest.
Ketapang Indah Hotel perfected it.

(To a point I was confuse, should I take a rest and enjoy the room (and bed) or should I take a stroll at the premise, enjoying the deep blue ocean, the lush greenery and the Ketapang Indah warm hospitality).

Either you have or you don’t.
That’s what I usually say when I stay at a hotel. I have certain expectation and I categorise Ketapang Indah Hotel as one of the best in Banyuwangi. 

It is located by the sea. The deep blue see (kid you not), with its vegetation comprising mostly coconut trees and local wild flowers balances well as with the buildings architecture. Keeping their buildings low thus underpowering its presence and structure, calms the inhouse guest, maintaining the holiday mood and the Javanese feel. Decorate in minimalist style, its room is overlooked at god’s backyard of lush greenery and blue ocean partnered with the sound of waves crashing, all this are music to guests’ ears. A definite plus point.

Most room are presented with balcony for one to laze around, perfect for travellers that just got back from the hot and dry Baluran Savannah and the cold Kawah Ijen. Not to mention their kind and friendly hotel staff, plus the generous local food spread help to educate the international guest on local delicacies available in Banyuwangi, Java and Bali.

Six hectares of land, beautiful black sandy beach coupled with welcoming sunrise views over the Bali Strait makes Ketapang Indah Hotel unique. Just 88 kilometres from the hotel is Plengkung or G-Land; a world-class surfing beach within the Alas Purwo National Park. It is not a surprise, if you bump into surfers staying here.

Pool and playground is located near the open concept coffee house and it is just by the beach which is kinda splendid, I personally regreted not joining everyone for a walk by the jetty and beach. They took great pictures there (but then again, they seems to take nice picture regardless of the site).

The ambience, locality and premise aside, in general the check-in was fast and the luggage was brought to our room promptly too. However, I wouldn’t suggest for you to volunteer yourself to carry own luggage as the rooms are widely spread across the premise. But if you trust your ‘sado-ness’ and want to show off your ‘macho-ness’, go right ahead. Oh yah… I was a little bit confuse when heading to my room, after few wrong turn, I managed to handle it well even at night. So yah, it is pretty widely spread.

If you need and seek for great comfort when in Banyuwangi, let it be if you plan to conquer Kawah Ijen or drop by the savannah or any one of the national parks, do consider Ketapang Indah Hotel as the journey takes approximately 1.5 hours (38.2 km) to Baluran National park and 2 hours  (54.0 km) to Kawah Ijen.

What more can I say.
Ketapang Indah Hotel - A Tropical Retreat. A Heaven on Earth.

Ketapang Indah hotel
Jl. Gatot Subroto Km. 6
Kabupaten Banyuwangi
Jawa Timur 68421

Phone :  +62 333 422280

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