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Things To Do in Sijangkang

Spending some quiet time at McDonald’s is a bliss.
I get to write on my impending blog post, like a few hundreds of them. Ahaks.

Here we go, my story on Sijangkang.

To tell you the truth, I kept thinking this Sijangkang (village) name came from a legend, a folklore; similar to Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup. I regretted not asking them when I was there… I bet I get to hear some interesting story about how this friendly and homey village got its name. Anyway, that is not the story that I will be telling, I will be telling you a story about how a village able to collaborate harmoniously and create an attractions without the help of government bodies. Purely on dedication. Devotion. And Love for their own village, married with clannish spirit *wink*.

As I we approach the mangrove (I will write a separate story on this cos it is way too amazing to include it here), I was told what and why they do what they did.

If you haven’t heard of Sijangkang then you are on losing end, and I highly recommend that you do a day trip there (or perhaps a full day, day trip there and make sure it’s on Saturday). Start it early I would say, on a Saturday morning (as hinted earlier)…

Local (food) galore
Feast your eyes (and tummy too) with Banjarese and Javanese food, and trust me, you will never regret it. In fact am planning a weekend trip with my cousins just to sample their food. Again.

You’ll get to learn and try our lepat, ketupat, lemper, tumtuman and lepet (a slight different from lepat yah) and if this doesn’t amaze you, try their tauhu sumbat goreng ie tauhu sumbat goreng ayam, tauhu sumbat goreng daging, tauhu sumbat goreng udang and etc. This is absolute delish. Kid you not. Then there’s their nasi lemak, kerabut and dagang (talk about variety, they brought east coast to Sijangkang)… Don’t let me start on their kuih muih of which I forgot to take some pictures.

Don’t miss out on their Banjarese food such as Ayam Berlaos (click hereto know more) and all the fresh seafood catch of the day as well as their fresh petai. Yup! Petai. My. Favourite.

Go Go-Karting at Mozid Racing.
Who would have thought right, go kart racing course in this very suburb place. The price is pretty reasonable and it makes a good place for family activity. No professionals here, except the locals and few outsiders having some fun.

The kart rental is RM35 for 10minit and the track rental for pocket bike is RM20 per day, where else cub prix and private kart is at RM50 per day.

Animal Shelter / Cat Hotel
This is a shocker. The locals started with raring his own cats that later evolve to a cat hotel and cat caring. He also ‘adopts’ abandoned cat. So if you planning to travel far and long, drop by Sijangkang and get them to care for your cat… with tender, loving and care.

Tebu Kepala? Or Kelapa tebu?
Have you tried this before? If not… give a try.. and they didn’t stop it there. There’s jelly version as well, and tebu masak and everything that is sugarcane. Give En. Mustafa Suratin a call if you want to know where you can experience this thirst quenching drink, if you fell in love with it like we did, you can also place an order for event… they do cater for small and big orders. *hint hint*

En. Mustafa Suratin
Lot 31, Batu 8
Sijangkang 42500
Teluk Pangkima Garang
Mobile : +6019-303 5004

Bangkita – Art Lover Heaven!
Ceramic Studio coupled with good looking artist/owner; being the son to the renowned artist Awang Damit Ahmad is a plus (plus plus PLUS) point for you to visit this studio. While you are there, check out their intern’s work as well, you can see how they are richly inspired with their respected mahaguru at HIS backyard. Why here one would ask, well…. With the calmness and peacefulness of Sijangkang, hidden from hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur, abundant of great food and warm friendly neighbours; it is a no brainer to why an art studio choses Sijangkang as its home. I would too.

And then, there’s Sijangkang Mangrove.
In another blog entry. Watch this space.

Isn’t this village phenomenal!

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