Monday, August 15, 2016

Makassar | Bantimurung National Park (waterfall, hike, cave and the whole works)

From Wikipedia : Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park is a national park in South Sulawesi in Indonesia. The park contains the Rammang-Rammang karst area, the second largest karst area known in the world after the one in South-Eastern China.

The karst area is 43,750 hectares and has 286 caves which includes 16 pre-historic caves in Maros Regency and 17 pre-historic caves in Pangkep, Bone Regency. There is waterfall with 2 caves at the national park; the one on the left side is known as the dream cave (one-kilometer long) and the one on the right is known as the stone cave. Riding on the water on blown up inner tubes is a popular activity for children at the site…

I searched about Bantimurung after hearing Firsta and Indohoy mentioning and recommending it to me during my December trip to Makassar last year, due to time constrain, I was unable to make it. Flattered I was when I saw it being of the places to visit in our Trip of Wonders.

The keyword word was “waterfall, butterfly and cave”.
What I managed to indulged was waterfall (massive waterfall), a family recreational park, a huge monitor lizard, a huge spider, calm and soothing nature path, and a cave I did not go into.

Located 50km from Makassar or approximately 30 mins or so from the airport (if one wish to stop by from the airport or enroute to), this limestone karst is said to be one of the largest in the world and is also made famous for its Butterfly Conversation Captivity. With its varieties, unique and rare species of butterflies available here, it is no surprise that it is also known as the butterfly kingdom by some. Bugis being its largest clan (suku/keturunan), it is expected that the name Bantimurung derives from Buginese dialect; “Benti” meaning water and “Murung” means ramble of which in this contact describe the roaring sound of the waterfall. One will be impressed of the size of this waterfall, the width spanning 20 meters across at the height of 15 meters, the sound of the roaring waters rambling, hitting the floor bed in its thunderous stomp; simply magnificent, captivating and strangely calming.

At the same time 50-100 meter downstream, you’ll see a family recreational park that not only caters for nature-lover-weekenders but also company teambuilders and student school field trips. The sound of kids laughing, babies crying, parent screaming asking their kids to stop playing and have their meal; is such a joy for to hear. There is still hope in this world, what one might say. And here, I agree, totally. Always.

Further upstream is a different scene, greener, quieter and lonelier path; meant for those searching for tranquility. The walk to the cave mouth took 15-20 mins or so, but the view is mesmerizing, green stream flowing gently, the sound of birds chirping and milliards of insects bustling, and on the background, the sound of the lungs of the Makassar – Bantimurung Waterfall. I dwelled in my own thoughts, absorbing the wondrous Sulawesi nature and its majestic limestone karst. And that is not it, if the adventure in you is still flaming, then take a step into Bantimurung caves, be awed by its grandeur, the chandeliered stalactite and stalagmite pinnacles piercing from mother earth. I always wonder how HE drew, planned and execute this wonder, this Makassar wonder.

And if this is not enough, just before the cave you will be surprised with a small turquoise green lake, almost like your very own secret garden, situated in the hustle of the recreational park and bustle of the nature’s wonder.

Perfecting this scene, lunch was served by the steam. A picnic lunch fit for a king; in a box.

Well. What is lunch in a box of you get to think (and live) out of our own little box.

Hiking -  Proper hiking shoes, insect repellent and sunblock
Caving - Flash light or head lamps, proper shoes (sneakers/sport shoes) and gloves perhaps
Water – Swimsuit/wet-suits, change of clothes and toiletries set
Others – To avoid crowd, visit on a weekday (avoid weekend and public holidays), towel, water (and perhaps snacks)

Entrance Fee:
Bantimurung National Park
Local : IDR 15,000
Foreigner : IDR 50,000
Butterfly Museum
Adult : IDR 5000

Trip of Wonders– Indonesia Social Media Fam Trip is in collaboration with Tourism Indonesia.


Dan On The Road said...

I'm not too sure about the scary spiders but the rest of Bantimurung National Park looks really splendid & it definitely makes a good nature day trip for the whole family.

Lily Riani said...

In that case, you should visit Rammang Rammang as well, its their pinnacles, I think it is way cooler than Bantimurung.

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