Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gili Islands | Things To See...

Few things to expect in Gili Islands (of which many had known) but this was not stated in the blogs I read nor told by my friends, hence I was pretty proud of this photos and my achievement of capturing it. I proudly told Farah and David, and wanted to show them but guess what? Apparently half of our ground saw the same scene and capture similar photos (basically everyone else’s was better than me lah). This is what happened when one decided to take a nap instead of looking for subject matter to shoot. Duh Lily!

Horse bathing by the sea at sunset (making it sound changgih and artsy fartsy. ahaks)

I was taking a walk with no plan whatsoever, no objective, no direction, no nothing; blank. Absolutely blank until I saw this view. I took so many photos thinking mine was the most unique, little did I know… everybody feels the same of theirs. However, among my friends that have been here and did not told be of such magnificent, I guess my photos is still changgih lah kot (or maybe not?!?!)

Divers crossing

Road sign is fun but to see stuff like this is even funner. Hoping to see a  'Cidomos Crossing’ somewhere but nada. Aiyaaaa…. They should have done one lah.

Lonely Information Centre

A place for single seeking information of this beautiful island. Hahhahaaa…. Basically the Information Centre was moved to a nearby location and they are half way tearing this place down.

Morocco or Santorini?

The restaurants, cafés and pubs around Gilis are awesome in décor, I couldn’t ask for more. I was snapping away as nothing lame can be seen; everything was either classy, cool or hipsterish.


In Gili, there is a poster for every scene. And it’ll fit perfectly into the picturesque view..

Garden by the sea

Changgih tak the title. I kept looking at the guy sweeping this picket fence garden, I wouldn’t mind doing any gardening if this was my view man! But I’ll make sure I include a hammock here…. Then it’ll be superbly perfect.


Find. Here is a picture of cidomos. And no, I did not ride on it. Boo hoo...


Enough said.

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