Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cabana Retreat at Kudat, Sabah

I saw Diana Teo posted about this place few months back and guess what, I get to visit this very same place during this trip. And I knew I will fall in love with Cabana Retreat, true enough I did.

Photo heavy post. You have been warned. Hehhehhee….

You see, I have been exposed to the glamping seen for a while now and we are aware of glamping site all over Malaysia (the famous one that is) but I have to be honest, I have not seen one by the beach with a very Instagrammable spot (despite I don’t do selfies and stuff, I am still at awe tau).

They have activities such as banana boat, ATV, paddle boat, cycling, volleyball and many more. And worry not as their service is pretty much like proper hotel, and the amenities is great too – breakfast, pool, free wifi, housekeeping, in-room dining service, toiletries, open cinema and barbecue.

Travel Tips
Travel Tips 1 : Kota Belud to Cabana Retreat id 1.5hrs

Travel Tips 2 : It is running full house on weekends, so book early

Travel Tips 3 : Many Instagrammable spots, so pack baju lawa2 tau

Travel Tips 4 : Nearest town is far hence buy your titbits to bring it over

Travel Tips 5 : You can bring your own food and BBQ here (BBQ pit is FOC)

Travel Tips 6 : They cater for romantic dinner by the beach kinda thingy too

Travel Tips 7 : Shower and toilet are located outside tau (sejak bila dalam tent ada toilet kan kan. Hahhahahaa….)

Tent Type
Classic Tent (1 queen) x 5 units
Deluxe Queen Tent (2 queen) x 6 units
Deluxe Single Tent (2 single) x 5 units
Quad tent (4 single) x 2 units

You have to come lar, at least try it once. It is really a super duper cool experience. My recommendations are to stay a night here and another night probably camp at Tegudon for stargazing experience. Alternatively, is to camp at Tembara to enjoy another beautiful sunset. Ish… banyak pulak option, macam nil ah… make sure you stay at least 5 days in Kota Kinabalu (outskirt included). Supaya tidak menyesal kemudian hari.

Cabana RetreatKampung Rampayan Laut
Jalan Kudat
Kota Belud

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