Thursday, October 31, 2019

Just like mom’s place at Dusun Bonda (ni lagi bosa kot)

Hahahhahhaha…. Glamping site in Selangor. And you don’t need to drive all the way to Pahang as the location is in Batang Kali. Near huh, approximately an hour drive from Batu Caves. Hidup Selangor! #eh

I don’t even know where there to start…. For those who have been to a glamping site would probably understand. For me, the only time I experienced this was when I went to Sabah recently, but the site was by the sea. It being in an orchard and by the river is refreshing. Everything was well design and the landscape was very next-door-nature-like, coupled with amenities (listed below)… I have to say, I wouldn’t mind recommending this to friends and family.

Back of the bell tent

Glam 4 Bell Tent
Glam 4 River – 4 pax (2x queen size bed), RM350 p/tent
Glam 4 Hillside – 4 pax (2x queen size bed), RM350 p/tent

Glam 5 Poolside Bell Tent

Glam 5 Bell Tent 
Glam 5 River – 6 pax (3x queen size bed), RM650 p/tent
Glam 5 Hillside – 6 pax (3x queen size bed), RM650 p/tent
Glam 5 Poolside – 6 pax (3x queen size bed), RM650 p/tent

Studio Villa

Studio Villa – (queen size bunk bed), RM800 p/home

Must have amenities for (and they do HAVE *happy mode*)
  • Proper toilet
  • Clean and proper toilet
  • Shower/bathroom
  • Fan   - at least
  • Kitchen utensil, cup, plates and etc
  • Common dining area
  • Common kitchen washing area
  • Kids playground – bonus for having this
  • Public prayer room

  • You can also do barbecue here (but do check with them first if they can arrange it for you instead)
  • Bring insect repellent (kat bandor pun ada nyamuk, kat sini sure lah ado kan)
  • Bring titbits/jajan, as the nearest shop is not near at all (jauh giler)
  • Since you are at it, bring water too lah kan
  • No NETWORK (this is not a tip, it’s a WARNING to kids. Muahhahahhah…. [evil laugh])
  • Hence, what must you bring instead….? Board games and cards! (yes, it has survived the course of time)
  • There’s a pool… for those that don’t fancy mandi sungai (the river is very shallow)
  • Bring your sport shoes as you can also go for a hike to the waterfall

Whatsapp : +6012-6633 667

Rentak Selangor Fam Trip is in collaboration with UPENS (Unit Perancangan Negeri Selangor), Tourism Selangor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.

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