Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Bingka KL | Souvenir going lokal

I bumped into this brand at one of the art bazaar at GE Mall of Jalan Ampang.  I immediately feel this brand can go far, it has a good objective and focus just by looking at the concept and product. What Malaysia independent art souvenir scene is currently lacking (cakap macam real-real je, ahaks).

Joke aside, the concept is very good. Well thought thru in my opinion.
The product is pretty much normal but not common in Malaysia if one is looking for a gift/souvenir from souvenir. The usually stuff that we get tends to be the fridge magnets, keychain, fan, luggage tag and etc. But what Bingka KL did was on top and above, as they covered kitchen towel (you can get this easily in Europe), coasters, pouches and tote bag. What made Bingka stands out is in its concept, it features Malaysia culture and heritage, something that is so common but did not get enough visibility (I think so lah).

Instead of featuring the Melaka Stadhuys, the twin tower,  the orang utan, Batu Caves and etc, Bingka injected ‘design’ that is close to Malaysia heart, one that we wouldn’t mind buying for ourselves. Kuih Bingka, pulut tai tai, Malayan Tiger, Negaraku, sirap bandung, mooncake, mangkuk sia/tingkat, Penang shop façade, kaya… and many more. Something that any of us can buy and bring when traveling, exchange or as a gift to new friends. A great conversation starter, we can educate and promote Malaysia, our culture and heritage.

A nice touch to it is that at the back of the pouches, stated ‘With Love from Malaysia’. This makes it sound very personalized.

Pouches are my favourite as it is practical and one can use it for almost anything, next would be a tote bag. And the placemat is cool too, gosh…. I might be buying the whole design (facepalm).

The Bingka team were besties since standard one - Adrihana and Emmalyn, both were Mechanical Engineering and Digital Animation students, respectively. Adri leads the operations in Bingka and Emma, designs what we see today. In fact, Emma has worked on international blockbuster movies before.

When asked why Bingka, why not Lapis, Kasui, Putu Piring and etc. They said that they wanted a short, catchy and easy for people to pronounce, regardless of nationality. What better then Bingka, a traditional food where us Malaysia appreciate of/most.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bingka.kl/

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