Monday, November 11, 2019

Delicious Malay cuisines at RasaDesa Damansara Heights

There are many local malay food lauk/hiding style in Kuala Lumpur that is delicious, dining style and opens at night. This is to my knowledge lah until I saw their Instagram appeared on Explore, I start scrolling their feed and checking out their dishes, presentation and the restaurant. I remembered ‘nodding and saying not bad’, and that I can recommend this to Gaya Travel for thei KL Fam Trip. I was jumping with joy when Della said that she contacted Rasa Desa and they are happy to welcome us (feed our tummy more like it) and true as the Instagram feed, the food served is as good as the photos.

The question would be, which one should I try kan?
ALL…. The masak lemak cili api itik salai is yummy, like…. Yummy giler. Then there’s the asam pedas, masak tempoyak and etc. The sambal belacan is also sedap, even their sago with santan and gula Melaka also mouthwatering (sumpah sedap).

I asked the beautiful owner Syarifah Nadzlira Myra on why Malay food, why in Damansara Heights and why she venture into the food business. Came from family that love and appreciate good food, it is no surprise that she decided to dive into food business. Exposed to cooking at a young age, this young  restaurapreneur enjoys cooking Malay cuisines, and is passionate at introducing our unique delicacies internationally. When bouncing the options of where she wants her RasaDesa Restaurant to be at, a few places came to mind, finally she settled with Damansara Heights where there’s plenty of offices, in a township that is located in between KL and PJ, and lacking of good Malay cuisine restaurant within the area. And I have to agree, it is indeed a good choice.

Eating  tips
1. Parking – as the restaurant location is in Medan Damansara, we all know how the parking is lah kan. So come early or be prepared to walk the distance or alternatively you can park at the Covered Car Park next door. Just be ready with your Touch N Go Card jer. But trust me, you won’t be disappointed (even you have to walk a mile #eh) as the food is tasty. Gitew…

2. Must tries – The masak lemak cili api itik salai is so sedap, so is the tempoyak dish. The sago gula Melaka also is a must MUST.

3. Reservation – Highlight recommended as the restaurant is not that big, if you guys are coming in a big crowd then do reserve first yah. I don’t want you guys to wait/queue.

4. Opening time – They open for lunch and dinner.

5. Lunch set – Yes, do check their Instagram as theyhave lunch set promo from time to time.

6. Entertain client – A great place, ambience and food for you guys to entertain your client on Malay local delicacies. Also an ideal place for you to bring parents (in law)… if you plan to impress them lah. *wink*

7. Friendliness – Base on my experience, the Rasa Desa team is super friendly and nice. Insha Allah they will during your visit.

I am planning to bring my mom here. Howabout you?

Operating hours
Mon-Wed : 11am-5pm
Thur-Sat : 11am-3pm, 630-10pm

Mobile : 012-260 6433

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