Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Denmark | Nyhyn & Chilling at PapirØen (The Paper Island)

Second DIY trip with Anna.
We decided to venture places ‘unventured’ before (no, there is no such word exist).    

I was sincerely impressed with Anna, knowing that she is very much a city girl, trolley dolly and tour group type of traveler. The first time she agreed to travel with me is to the Balkan countries where we covered Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Austria and Germany (Frankfurt). To be honest, I was a tad worried as everything was not pre booked and these countries is not as modern as London, Paris or US that she frequented. But I was surprised that she coped really well and don’t mind all the long tiring walk (after all, I am the type that absolutely love to walk and wander around the city, especially old town). In fact, she wandered alone in Frankfurt, Vienna and in Sarajevo. Tabik spring…

I can’t recall how we plan, decide, or whatchamacallit… all I remembered was Anna whatsapping (or was it a call?!!) me saying we going to both Iceland. As we are flying via Copenhagen, that smart woman did the math and said we can actually extend our transit in Copenhagen for a few days with an additional RM600 (IF I remembered correctly). And so we did.

1 month later, we were in Denmark.

The only thing we did was book a flight and our 1st city location, we plan to book the stay in Reykjavik the day we arrive Copenhagen. Smart huh. NOT.

We figure we shall learn to travel spontaneously. Since I was able to do the same in South India, I am sure we will fare well in this trip. We did bump into a few hiccups when we were in Iceland, kinda panicky one.

Anyway. Copenhagen is super easy to navigate oneself. Really. Super. Easy.
Stay in the city and your life is a bliss. Even if you don’t stay in the city, the city itself is pretty straight forward. You can even do your own walking tour. In fact, ‘get amazing lost’ in the city… you’ll find your way back in no time. Trust me (and all we have is a paper map). We stayed a walking distance from the stay, roughly a 10 mins walk or so, and this 10 mins walk is very pleasant and we will be walking by bakery shops, canal and old churches. There are a few ways to get to the city and my favourite is the route where it takes you through Nyhavn or New Harbour… it is the icon of Denmark.

Almost everywhere can be done on foot, Nyhvn, Tivoli Gardens, Hard Rock Café, The Little Mermaid, Christiansborg Palace, The Radhus or Town Hall and etc. That is, if you up for a walk lah, a very very loooooong goooood walk. Hahhahaha…. As you walk into the street of Nyhavn, you’ll see the 17th-century colourful waterfront buildings, canal with boats docking, cafes and pubs blasting soft music in the evening sunset. Been to many cities in my travels, yet only Nyhvn gives me this ambience hence I always have the urge of going back, reliving my memories.

Papiroen or Paper Island
In one of our walks, we heard music by the warehouse at the rivedbank, people enjoying the sun, breeze and snack. We check the map and found out this place is called Food Market on Paper Island or Papiroen. We knew it’s a place we must venture…

This is the place where you sample Denmark street food. Yup!!!! Street food.

Opening Hours (Autumn / Winter)
Monday – Wednesday 12:00 – 9:00pm
Thursday – Saturday 12:00 – 10:00pm
Sunday 12:00 – 9:00pm

Copenhagen Street Food
PapirØen/The Paper Island
Warehouse 7 & 8
Trangravsvej 14

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