Friday, November 8, 2019

Craze Pop | Deliciously Designed

Cake Pop. Am sure you have heard of one or at least seen/ate one.
Well, I haven’t but I have been ogling Craze Pop Instagram account for quite awhile now, you won’t believe how thrilled I am when they have been selected to be part of KL Media Trip. Rain or shine, I will be there, me telling Della.

No no… you need to understand how long this was for me, how I want to try but have no reason to buy (am not a birthday/party sort of girl [so don’t bother throwing me a surprise birthday party, I probably get upset]). What I did a couple of months back was I placed an order and paid (curious punya pasal) but TERforgot to take it. Betullll... lupa ambek.

So here I am, meeting the Craze Pop owner, lotsa of questions to ask (but I need to mum cause I need to give way to other media and Shad to ask questions [internal joke] but 10 mins before we bid adieu, I got my ‘time’ to ask her questions. Muahahhaha….. ß evil laugh.

We were taught on how to make the cake pop and etc, knowing myslf, I should do what I do best – BUY! Hahhahahaa…. Leceh bebenor nak belajar buat bagai.

Anyway, lemme share abit about Kak Nur. She used to be in the work force, an experience designer. Then she decided to quit and focus on work that she can manage her own time and yet, still involve in designing (well, kinda). Not into baking, she began to search on baking that doesn’t require baking (oven type of baking). Cake pop was the easiest and closest she could find as she can buy a good delicious cake and start from there… however, she said now she has to take up baking as well as the order quantity increases. This is to ensure consistency in taste and availability.

Ass shown, the design varies upon request. Kak Nur will analyse the feasibility of creating the requested design before agreeing with the order. This is the part that requires creativity, artistic flare and stable hand. Go check-out her Instagram account and go oohh-aahh… over her food art.

For order and class enquiry : whatsapp +6019- 334 8010 or

With regards to my uncollected order. Kena order baliklah kan. Hahhahaa…

Kuala Lumpur For All Fam Trip is in collaboration with VisitKL and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.

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