Thursday, October 10, 2019

Sabah | Bavanggazo Rungus Longhouse

I am gonna tell you an interesting fact that I just learnt on Rungus Longhouse. I was so intrigued when I heard this.

Momogun Rungus is an ethnic group in Sabah (more in the northern part of Sabah) especially in Kudat. They are the sub-group of the Kadazan-Dusun, and have a distinctive language, dress, architecture, customs and oral literature. They are known for holding strongly to their culture and custom, and are thought to be the most traditional ethnic groups in Sabah. It comes as no surprise that many Rungus older generation folks still living in longhouses.

Rungus is famous for the beadwork known as Pinakol; a shoulder bands that is worn diagonally over each shoulder, crossing the chest and back like a sash. It usual contains 5 motifs/design/pattern ie Tiningulun representing a warrior, Tinompuling, a spear. Then there’s a gecko called Tinugarang, a wild flower named Vinusak and lastly Tinutub, a motif to complete the design.

We know that the Rungus longhouse is built using bamboo and all (well, I just got to know during this trip actually). Its interior is being divided into 2 areas – a long hall way where family can lepak, do kenduri works and etc, and partitions of room on the other side (per room consist of one family regardless the size of the family tau). Here's the thing...

#Funfact 1 : One longhouse can consist of one village. Like seriously hokkay.

#Funfact 2 : The room will be added as the family grew or get married. So, imagine lah how long this longhouse can be.

#Funfact 3 : Each room has its own kitchen (the room is pretty small, and please be reminded that per room consist of ONE family).

#Funfact 4 : There is a common kitchen qt the end of the long hall way. Yup! Proper kitchen with washing area and all. Tapi lupa nak ambek gambo pulak dah

#Funfact 5 : This is the INTERESTING part. When a family member passed away, they will make a 'hole' or 'a space' infront of the room hall way enough for the body to be carried down/out. The body WILL NOT be carried put thru the main entrance via the hall way.

Kg. Bavanggazo where the Rungus Longhouse is, is located near Tinangol in the Kudat district. It is about 41km from Kudat 100km from KK. You can stay here a night to experience Rungus delicacy, learnt their craft and enjoy their culture performances. There are also a few hiking tracks that can be arranged for you.

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Rungus Longhouse
Jalan Bavanggazo
Matunggong, Kudat


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